Today, I should have been blogging about my launch party.

However, due to a horrible incident, my plans had to be postponed.

Initially, I had a duel evening of celebrations planned. Thursday evening: a meal with some close friends. Friday evening: a buffet for a wider circle of friends and family.

On Thursday evening, just as I, Mr B and our two Mini-me’s arrived at the first night’s venue, Mr B received a phone call to let him know his brother had crashed his motorbike.

Yeah, it was as bad as it sounds.

In fact, it was a whole lot worse.

X-rays and CT scans showed my brother-in-law had fractured his femur, tibia, fibula, collar bone; he’d smashed his hip and pelvis; he’d cracked five ribs, which had resulted in a punctured/collapsed lung; and he had three vertebral fractures.

As you can imagine, Mr B pretty much failed to breathe on hearing the verdict, to the point I thought he was going into shock and I’d be calling an ambulance for him.

On Thursday, I sent my guests home, and made the calls to all who were coming on Friday to explain that the celebration had been called off. Obviously, due to the reason, everyone was very understanding.

But now, a few days have passed. We’ve visited my brother-in-law a couple times in hospital and he appears to be slowly improving. And I have finally found enough peace through all the white noise in my head to update my blog.

So … I thought I’d share what did happen last week that I wasn’t, at the time, emotionally in a position to share.

1)       Cake! Yeah, we had cake. I ordered it for my Friday celebration. It was beautiful. And despite not getting the opportunity to show it off to everyone, it sure did taste delicious. Check it out!

2)       Mr B’s tattoo. Yep. Mr B is a painted man. And now he has a new image to add to his body-art portfolio. Wanna see? It’s right there below:

Whatcha think? It looks familiar, right?

Mr B had to sit still for THREE HOURS for that baby. Maybe I should omit that the tattooist said it’s the most intricate design ever requested of him and if anyone but Mr B had asked for it he would have told them hell, no! But, as that just makes it all the more special, I figured it was worth mentioning after all. 🙂

Personally, I think it was worth the three hours of pain … though I guess that’s easy to say when I was tucked up at home with a book during its creation 😉

3)      Reading Group Visit. I made a booking with a local library in Chelmsley Wood to visit their Reading Group on Thursday 28th July.

Yeah! I’m very excited about it. If you just happen to be near there at 2:30 pm, why not pop on in to say hi? It would be great to meet you.

4)     Contest to win a signed copy of Darkness & Light. The contest ran for 10 days all throughout last week and ended at midnight last night.

The winner has been chosen, and I have announced them HERE! I shall be contacting them by email at some point today, as well as the three runner’s-up who have each won a signed bookmark.

On top of my news, I’ve received some lovely gifts in relation to my writing that I wanted to share. One of my beta readers, Dawn Whipps, sent me a Good Luck card:

I’ve also received a couple of wolfie gifts from Julie Jones, as now, every time she’s out and sees something with associated with woves, she thinks of me. So far she has gifted me with a wolfie figurine and a holographic 3D bookmark:

I have other gifts–ones that I received early on in my writing journey, also wolf related–and I hope to make a page dedicated to gifts where I can display the generosity of folks … including some pics of my awesome gifts I received way back when from my best friend, Carla Huxley that made me laugh out loud. Then you’ll get to see them all.

So, there’s my news for last week that my distracted head forgot to share with you.

How about you all? What news do you have to share this week?


14 thoughts on “A CHANGE OF PLANS!

  1. Oh no! Julie, I’m so sorry to hear of your brother-in-law’s accident. So frightening to get that kind of call. I can imagine your husband must have been in absolute shock. Glad to hear he’s improving.

    AWESOME tattoo! And good man for sitting through 3 hours of tortuous pain…well, at least I’m imagining it was tortuous pain. Don’t have tattoos.

    Hope this is a better week for you 🙂

    1. Thanks, Keri. Mr B was in shock–it was pretty scary.
      As for his tat? The man is a MACHINE! He barely seems to feel the pain. I’ve seen him wax for a tattoo and not even flinch when the strip is yanked off. A Machine, I tell ya!
      I hope this week will be better, too. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Bwhahahaha… When I showed that artwork to my friends, a lot of them said it would be a kick ass tattoo! I realize he did it for you but, hells, seeing my artwork on his skin makes me jump for joy! Excuse me while I giggle like a school girl.

    I’m still praying that Mr. B’s brother keeps recovering well. Seems to me he’s a strong one. 🙂

    1. Hehehehe, I thought you might like it, Kastil 🙂

      And, yeah, Mr B’s brother certainly seems to be doing a lot better than I’d initially expected, so I’m pretty hopeful for him. Thanks 🙂

  3. When your BIL has made a full recovery, you can berate him for his timing (if you’re a hard, cruel woman like me :P) Hope he’s well soon, that’s quite a catalogue of injuries!

    That’s a lovely idea about your gifts – on that subject I blogged about my week this week too. It involved birthdays, anniversaries, cakes and Kindles (meep! :D)

    1. I’m pretty sure there’ll be a few people berating him as soon as he shows signs of being up to hearing it 🙂 Thanks, Ruth–and I shall check out your post a little later today. 🙂

  4. Beautiful recap to the end of a sucky week. I’m very glad to hear Mr. B’s brother is on the mend, though boy that’s going to require quite a bit of mending. Soon, soon, you can party on.

    And yeah for that tat, but OUUUUUCCCCCCHH!!!!!! 🙂

    Love all the gifts, too. Those are awesome!!

    Good luck with the reading/talk! You”ll do great! Just bring all your wolfies with you for luck. 😉

  5. Awesome Tat!!! 3 hours? He must love you a lot!!! 🙂 I don’t think I could sit still for 5 minutes.

    I hope your BiL is better today. Have they given a timeframe for healing???? What about surgery? I hope they have him on some good meds.

    1. I don’t know much about pain meds, Jen, but I know he’s on morphine and if that’s any good then the answer is yes. No news on surgery yet–still waiting on his lungs to drain before he’ll be strong enough for the anaesthetic.
      And thanks. I love the tat, too. I’m pretty sure Mr B loves me–he’s stuck around my cranky a$$ for 21 years, after all 🙂

  6. Wow,
    Awesome cake and even more awesome tattoo. How very cool about the Library. I hope you’ll tell us how it went and what it was like to meet with everyone 🙂

    Glad your brother in law is doing some little bit better. Lucky guy.

  7. So sorry to hear about your BIL, and the cancelled party.
    Glad you still managed to enjoy that awesome cake. And your hubby is something special to go through 3 hours of pain. He must be sooooo proud of your achievements.

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