Big Holloway Pack Changes are a-happening!

I have some announcements to make regarding the Holloway Pack.


 Good ones!

 Ones I’ve been sitting on for a few months, since I first decided on going ahead with these changes, and I’ve been oh, so eager to share.

 And now I can share, so here goes. There’s more than one change, so be sure to read to the end. 😉


 Darkness & Light is getting a new title

 From Monday March 27th, Darkness & Light will no longer be called Darkness & Light.

 From Monday, it will go by its new title of THE WOLF WITHIN

 It was a big decision whether or not to make this change, but after getting the opinion of others on it, I decided it could only do the book, and the series, more good than harm.

 Whilst I love Darkness & Light as a title, I’ve come to realise that it only actually makes sense in relation to the book once someone has read it. People who haven’t read my book(s) aren’t going to get it. So, I decided to give it a title that will leave the reader in little doubt as to what the book contains.


 The Holloway Pack series is getting a new face

 Yep, you read that right. The entire series has had a makeover. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but couldn’t move forward with because a) I didn’t have the rights to some of the books until last summer, and b) I had no idea how I wanted them to look.

 Now I do know how I want them to look, and when I explained them to my regular cover lady, she ‘got’ it without argument. And it took only a few attempts for her to send me through an entire set of covers that made me happy.

 Actually, I’m more than happy with the new covers. I LOVE them.

The reveals for these will be happening next week, when one cover will be going live each day of the week, beginning with The Wolf Within on Monday.

 And I can’t WAIT for you guys to see.

And 3.

 The Holloway Pack is becoming a boxed set

This is also something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but that whole waiting on reverting rights issue I mentioned above …

 Anyway, very, very soon, the titles will be getting compiled to release as boxed sets as follows.


Boxed Set #1 containing The Wolf Within, Blue Moon and Caged


Boxed Set #2 containing Unnatural, Cornered and Burned (once Burned has released)


Boxed Set #3 containing books 1 – 6 of the Holloway Pack

At this point, the only title that won’t be a part of these boxed sets is the finale of the series. I’ll revisit whether or not to change that once the title is written and released.


So, there you have it. All the Holloway Pack changes.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on Monday for the new The Wolf Within cover going live.


Event News

Howdy guys, just running through with an announcement.

On October 7th 2017, Hourglass Events is bring The Darker Side of Fiction author signing to Peterborough, UK.

And I’m proud and very excited to announce that I’ve signed up as one of the attending authors.


They even announced me on their site!

My first multi-author signing!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crapping my pants a whole big lot little. I mean, I’m by no means a people person. Hate crowds. Clam up around strangers.

So this is a pretty big step for me–both as an author AND as a person. Like, a MAHOOSIVE step. GARGANTUAN! A FREAKING T-REX of a step!

And I freaking signed up for THIS! lmao.

So, if you’re in Peterborough on October 7th 2017, and you just happen to be attending The Darker Side of Fiction, don’t be scared. My lack of social skills ain’t contagious, even if it might look that way. 😉

And if you live in the UK and want to know more about the event, you can join #TheDarkerSideofFiction where they keep everyone updated. ☺

Psst, the tickets go on sale in October. Just saying. 😉

Cheers for reading. ♥

*gif image linked to source

Announcing Midnight Fling …

Good afternoon, Lovely Folks, I have some news to share and I’ve been waiting WEEKS to do so! If you’re a member of The Hollerers, or you’re a Newsletter Subscriber, then you likely already know of this news. However, if you’re neither, then read on …


Over the past however many months (possibly longer), there have been questions about myself and Keri Lake collaborating on a story (psst, she’s announcing this, too, if ya wanna read).

We considered this. Trust me, we totally considered it. Hell, we even reached a point where we discussed story ideas and how a collaboration might work. However, there was a massive and glaring couple of glitches to why it wouldn’t work as a straight-up collaboration.

  1. My snail-speed writing pace versus Keri’s much-much-much-MUCH faster one.
  2. Whereas Keri loves pressure, I flail and fail to write much of anything that’s readable.
  3. I’m a linear writer—which means I write from start to finish—whereas Keri is a complete weirdo who writes the end of her book, works her way backward with the main points of the story, and then fleshes it out with all the linking bits that belong in between. Like I said: weirdo. 😉

And for these reasons, we just kept talking about collaborating—even getting ourselves excited about collaborating—but never got past the point of worrying about all the obstacles that would prevent us fully collaborating and not acting like a couple of teens in permanent pre-menstrual mode.

And then came a kinda solution that fit with both our schedules and that we were suddenly excited might actually work. Instead of collaborating on a singular title, we could collaborate on a ‘branding’ for a genre we’re both ready to dip into.

You see, I want my next project to be a dip into the ER pool. And Keri has been thinking of dipping into the pool, too. So, we figured: Hey, why not get matching swimsuits, a couple inflatable balls, maybe a water shooter each, so we get extra wet …

Too much?

Anyhoo, we came up with the idea to run a branding called Midnight Fling. Any erotic romance books each of us decides to write and publish can be done so under this brand with the full backing and support of the other author in the Midnight Fling family. And rather than trying to frustratingly try collaborating a singular story, we’d split our efforts into two stories. But each and every story we put under the MF branding will go through a vetting system between the two of us. So if mine needs dirtying up, Keri will guide me. If hers need dirtying down, vice versa.

And they will be dirty. Much, much dirtier than you’re used to seeing from me, that’s for sure.

Original source linked to via image.

And then there’s the added bonus.

Each of our stories will be quick and dirty reads, published in episodes. Which means ALL episodes will be available for pre-order AT ONCE.  And each episode will only be spaced (hopefully) 2 weeks apart, so not a long time to wait for the next fix—yay!

And if you’re wondering why episodes, it’s because:

A) They’re easier to write and edit around Keri’s existing deadlines, and it’s less intimidating a thought for me, trying to get these written as quickly as Keri and I hope they will be

B) They allow for more visibility on Amazon, as they’ll be priced at only 99 cents each

Dependent upon how well the first two series are received, we may well (translate: probably definitely) add to the Midnight Fling branding with even more erotic romances. And with one of the initial series’ straight up contemporary erotic romance, and the other dystopian erotic romance, there will be something (hopefully) to please everyone’s naughty side.

So for those who like the short and dirty reads, keep your eyes open, because we have something saweet a-coming your way:

SEX THERAPY by J.A. Belfield and RIPPLE EFFECT by Keri Lake

What’s more, all of Keri’s episodes are up on Goodreads for adding, and the first four episodes of SEX THERAPY are up there, too. You can add them by following the links below:



And for those of you who aren’t into this saucier genre, please don’t think this means I’m abandoning the Holloway Pack. It was always my intention to branch out into a new genre (or genres) between the last few instalments, and a new Holloway Pack book WILL come your way as soon as its time in my schedule rolls around. ☺♥☺

Thanks for reading.



The time has arrived for me to adopt a pen name.

For many years, I’ve wanted to publish a range of children’s picture books. I kept three I wrote years ago (around 15 years, to be exact), two of them accompanied by artwork, and have been waiting for the the right moment to bring them out into the world. Thanks to the evolution of the publishing industry, it is finally possible for me to take that step. So, after a couple of years of telling myself I’d never be able to pull off recreating the images, figure out how to apply them to a page, and then how to collate the pages into the single pdf file I’d need for uploading to the print company, I gave myself a kick up the backside and told myself I COULD do it, instead.

I’ve spent the past month or so pulling my hair out whilst teaching myself to do all of the above. I think I’ve finally figured it all out. Which means I can AFTER FIFTEEN YEARS get my children’s books published.

This is so very exciting for me, and I really hope you, as my readers, will be supportive of, and excited, for me, too.

So, what’s the pen name, you ask?

Well, any children’s books I publish will be done so under the pen name: Jenna Lyn Field.

And if you want to find out more about her–me–you can do so by visiting her–my–website. It’s a little bare at the moment, but, hopefully, that’ll change reeeeeaaaaaal soon.

Thanks for stopping by. ☺♥☺♥☺


**please excuse typos/errors, as I’m sick as a dawg**


Hi all,

I’m not sure how many of you have noticed, but WordPress users have been experiencing issues of late.

In short, some WordPress blogs have been shut down.

It appears the reason this is happening is because the bloggers affected have posted links to an external site(s), which, apparently, goes against the rules as written by WordPress.

This means that every book blogger out there who links to a book on Goodreads, or links to a book on Amazon, or links to an author’s website is at risk.

Every blogger who supports blog tours or book blasts (that inevitably link to external sites as they’re promotional posts) is at risk.

Every blogger who happens to be an author and uses the platform to advertise themselves (which, obviously, leads to them linking to what they have to offer, right?) is at risk.

The list goes on ….

I know personally of 3 bloggers who got shut down in ONE day over the weekend.

If this happens to me, I’d be pretty devastated because a) it’s taken me years to build up my audience, and that would be instantly lost if WP shut me down; b) I happen to *like* using WordPress because I find it easy and user-friendly; c) I have ALWAYS encouraged other bloggers to try WordPress because I believed in them, and they are now letting their users down with this late behaviour.

However, I cannot dismiss the idea that they might block me from my blog and wipe it from the Blogesphere, so consider this post a friendly poke to let you know that if you pop in and I ain’t here any more, then you all know what has happened.

In fact, I fear the issues have already started, as WordPress has suddenly made it very difficult for me to schedule a post, to save a post, to do anything with a post. A post I tried to schedule for today, WordPress decided to schedule it for a date in 1970. Yes, you did read that right. I wasn’t even freaking born in 1970! They also sent out an email to my subscribers about the post, but with no content when they clicked to read it. And then today, after saving said post as a draft in the hopes that that’d be easier, I headed in to post it live, and WordPress made it vanish. They gave me the notification that said ‘Congratulations! You have posted your ‘whatever number’ post’, alongside said post, but then it vanished straight away and I can’t find the darn thing ANYWHERE. Bummer for me, as it means I’m letting a writer buddy down. Even bigger bummer for my writer buddy, as it was for her blog tour.

So, yeah, it’s started. And I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse. Hence my seriously considering that I may have no choice but to move, because WordPress have instilled within me a bad feeling.

However, even if the worst happens, I won’t be walking away from blogging, because I enjoy it. Instead, I’ll find another platform and I’ll start again. From scratch. And try my best to get to where I am here.

If you happen to be subscribed via email, then it’s all good as I have the details of my email subscribers tucked safely away and you can be added to my the subscriber list for my new blog, should it come to that.

BUT if you’re subscribed via WordPress only, then you’re going to love seeing my posts and anything I have to say and there’s abso-freaking-lutely nothing I can do about that. So, if you are subscribed that way and if the worst comes to worst and I’m shunted, and you still want to follow, then please ensure you’re following me on either Facebook or Twitter for news of any changes regarding that. Because if I *do* end up having to create a new blog, those are the two main places it will be advertised. Links for both are in my footer below, amongst all of my other links and info. I’d post them in here, but, ya know, WP’d likely block my post then. :\

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me over the years. I truly appreciate it.