Blue Moon (and Resonance) is Re-Available!

If you’ve read previous newsletters, or my blog, you’ll know the rights to all the Holloway Pack titles reverted back to me at the beginning of August, and I planned to get them all out there as soon as possible.
Well, real life massively got in the way of how much time I had to spend on this, as well as other work commitments, but … after WEEKS of trying to get at least one of the Holloway Pack books back out there, BLUE MOON is available again at last!

Granted, it’s currently only re-available in Kindle format, but it WILL be available in print real soon. I promise.

And what’s more. Blue Moon and Resonance are no longer two separate books.
Nope, they’ve been combined into the one, and what was once titled and published as Resonance is now the new ending to BLUE MOON.

So, if you fancy owning and Blue Moon and Resonance in a singular title, now’s your chance.

Go grab your copy today. ♥♥♥


Resonance Goodreads Giveaway

Hey, all.

This post is just a little heads up to let you good folk know that there is a Goodreads giveaway starting today, with a signed print copy of Resonance up for grabs.
If you fancy winning yourself a physical copy of the book, you can do so HERE!
Whilst it’s not in the GR giveaway rules that you have to add it to your to-read pile, I’d certainly appreciate the gesture. Who knows, if it ends up on enough shelves, maybe I’ll throw in a little bit of Holloway Pack swag, too.
 Good luck!
And if you simply can’t wait that long to find out what happens to Josh, don’t forget the Big Resonance Giveaway is still running until May 2nd.
All’s you gotta do to enter is either leave a review of Blue Moon somewhere (one previously written is perfectly accepted; it doesn’t have to be a new review), OR take a pic of you with your copy of Blue Moon to show you have it to read before heading into Resonance–because Resonance will be confusing, as well as smack you with a big fat Blue Moon spoiler if you haven’t read that one first.
EVERYONE who enters will receive an ecopy of Resonance. There will also be a grand draw at the end of the giveaway for all entries, to win a bag of (Holloway Pack) swag. More details HERE!.

Have a great week, and remember to visit here on May 1st for your first glimpse of what’s between the pages of Caged.

Resonance Blog Tour: Week 2


With today as the last day of the tour, I figured I’d head back in and recount all the days over the past week on all the blogs who were kind enough to have me–which means it will also be easy for folk to go check out any posts they missed, too.

Here they are:

Wednesday started off over at JeanzBookReadNReview, where Sandra pretty much dedicated an whole stream of posts to Resonance. From a promotional spotlight, to a Random One-Liner post, ending with Sandra’s (awesome) review of the book.

Thanks so much, Sandra.

Thursday, Ambur let me lose over at Burning Impossibly Bright, where I gave a somewhat intellectual and profoundly deep insight ( O_o ) into what I believe makes a well-structured pack.

You can check that out HERE! You can also read Ambur’s posted review of Resonance HERE!

Thanks, Ambur.

And I could also be found over at The Cover Contessa, being interviewed by Brooke , which you can check out HERE!

Cheers, Brooke.

Friday brought you an exclusive interview between author Aimee Laine and Jem’s sister, Jess. You can find out what unusual question Aimee asked, and Jess’s answers over at J.C. Martin’s Blog.

Thanks, J.C. (and Aimee).

Karla let me loose over on Book Addict on Saturday, where she shared an excerpt of Resonance. You can check that out HERE!

Thanks, Karla.

Another excerpt was shared on Sunday, by Jen over at At Random, which you can read HERE! Jen also posted an awesomesauce entry to win her copy of Resonance in the Big Resonance Giveaway, with pics of her copy of Blue Moon … well, mooning around in her office at work, LOL. It’s defo worth checking out. You can do so HERE!

Thanks, Jen.

Yesterday found me at Keri Lake’s Blog, where I FINALLY *show* the world (WITH PICTURES) how I see Sean Holloway. Defo worth checking out … HERE!

Thanks, Keri.

Pragya also wrote a great review for Resonance over at Reviewing Shelf. You can read that (and how she’s slightly miffed at me) HERE!

Cheers, Pragya.

And, as for today, I’m guest posting over at Long and Short Reviews on balancing writing with the real world. You can read that HERE!

Thanks, Judy.

PLUS, Brenda interviews our very own and adorable Josh Larsen, over at Crazy Four Books HERE!

Thanks, Brenda.


So, that’s it! The Resonance Tour has finally come to a close after a busy two weeks.

MASSIVE thanks goes out to all the bloggers involved, both from this week and last week. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Also, if anyone still wants to grab themselves a guaranteed copy of Resonance for their e-reader, the giveaway is still open until May 2nd. Find out more HERE!

Have a great week, guys.

Resonance Blog Tour: Week 1


Hey, guys.

With everyone’s lives being pretty busy, I figured I’d make it easy on your all by doing a weekly recap this week and next week, highlighting the tours stops that have happened during the week.

I’ve had some great stops going on to help promote Resonance this week, so these posts will also give me a chance to gives thanks to the bloggers who have made this tour possible.

So, this week’s round up:

Danielle opened the tour up for me on Tuesday, over at Known to Read, where she posted not only a great review for Resonance, but also part one of a three part short story titled: Hereditary.

In case you’re wondering, Hereditary has a LOT to do with Resonance. It’s also pretty relevant to Caged.

You can check out her post HERE!

Thanks, Danielle.

Also on Tuesday, Froggarita hosted a promotion spotlight, where readers had the chance to read a Resonance excerpt,

You can check out her post HERE!

Thanks, Froggarita.

Wednesdayfound us over at Tana Rae Reads, where the lovely lady posted a great review for Resonance.

You can check that out HERE!

Thanks, Tana Rae.

And Julie Reece posted an excerpt, which you can check out HERE!

Cheers, Julie.

On Thursday, I guest posted over at Aimee Laine’s blog: “Chocolate and Werewolves Should Never Be Mixed … Said No One Ever”.

If you’re intrigued as to what that post could be all about, you can find out HERE!

Thanks, ma’am.

And Laurie posted a GREAT review over at Reader Girls. You can view that HERE!

Thanks, Laurie.

Aaaaaaand, also on Thursday, Maghon invited Ethan over to Happy Tails and Tales for an interview,.

This one was loads of fun to do. She also posted a GREAT review.

You can check them both out HERE!

Thanks, Maghon.

Friday brought you Part II of Hereditary over at Laney McMann’s Blog. Yep, if you read and enjoyed Part II at Known to Read on Tuesday, HERE is where you’ll find the second installment.

Thanks, Laney.

Terri Rochenski let me loose on her blog on Saturday, where I posted about my Top 10 Tunes to Write to. You can check those out HERE!

Thanks, Terri.

A round of L.S. Murphy’s Rapid Fire Interview Questions hit her blog on Sunday morning. If you want to know how’d I’d react over being turned into a werewolf, you can find out HERE!

Thanks, Linda.

And for today ….

Yesterday found me at Katherine Skye’s Blog, where visitors could read an excerpt of Resonance, as well as check out her Random Resonance One-Liner for the day.

They could also find the THIRD AND FINAL installment of my short story Hereditary over at Kaidan’s Seduction.

Cheers, Tee.

And, as for today, head over to Lola’s Reviews, where you can read her review of Resonance and an interview with Me!

Thanks, Lola.


Don’t forget there’s another week of tour stops to go. Be great if you could follow along on those one, too.


Happy Book Birthday, Resonance! Time for a Giveaway!


The Big Resonance Giveaway!

April 2nd 2013 marked the official release of Resonance upon the world (wahooooooooo!), and yes, Resonance is available to purchase at all of the usual outlets:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble |KoboBooks

However, because I love and appreciate my fans so much, I decided to go on a mission to give something back.

Thanks to my super-duper editor, I’ve been granted permission for the following.

My Mission

I vow to give away a FREE copy of Resonance to everyone who submits a valid entry between April 2nd and May 2nd (inclusive).

On top of that, one main-prize winner will receive a Holloway Pack swag-bundle (see below).

So, what do you have to do to enter?

Simples. Read on.

Resonance is, by no means, intended to be read as a standalone. If you haven’t read at least Blue Moon, then you will have absolutely no idea what is happening in Resonance. Also, if you haven’t read Blue Moon, then you will be hit upside the head with one massive spoiler for how the book ends if you read Resonance first.

Here’s the deal. You can enter in any (or all, if you wish) of the following ways:

Post a picture of you with your precious copy or Blue Moon somewhere on the Internet (yes, you do have permission to hide all but your eyes behind it if you just so happen to be camera shy).
It does not have to be a hard copy (paperback); it can be the cover image on the screen of your Kindle/e-reader/reading tablet. No, pdf’s do not count. If you have a pdf, then it’s most probably an illegal copy, and so will only upset me.
Once said picture is posted, link me up so I can see it. If you stick it on FB, then tag me, but remember, I have a space (for some bizarre reason) between my initials on there. So, make sure you use @J. A. Belfield in your tag. NB: There will be a space in the Rafflecopter form to paste in a link to your pic, also, just in case I miss any or the tagging doesn’t work. If you stick it on Twitter, then be sure to mention: @JABelfield so I can see your entry. And if you happen to stick it anywhere else, then be sure to forward a link to the post to j.a.belfield72 at and include ‘The Big Resonance Giveaway’ in the subject line.

Post a review for Blue Moon.
Obviously, I’d prefer amazing ones, but I get that my writing won’t jive for everyone, so any review over 100 words will be accepted, even if it doesn’t rave and include 4/5 stars. However, I will read each review carefully (because I always do), and ascertain that I believe the book has actually been read rather than a review being composed out of a rewrite of the blurb (yes, this does happen on occasion).
Where you post your review is up to you. On Goodreads. Amazon. B&N. On your blog. Completely up to you. But the Rafflecopter form will have separate entry options for each of these places, and each one will be included as an entry toward the main prize.

Make sense?


Off you go, go, goooo!

Here’s the Rafflecopter Form!

And don’t forget to follow along on the tour, for more posts and Holloway Pack fun. Full schedule can be found HERE!