Best Reads of 2018 and A Happy New Year!

2018 has been a bit of an odd year for me. Mostly because health issues meant I achieved so little. One thing I did manage to do, though, was READ! So much so, I surpassed my reading challenge and almost doubled my intake against my goal.

How was your reading this year? Remember, it’s okay to not hit your reading goals, because, well … life, right? It happens.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d take a few moments to share my most remembered, or favourite reads of the year we’re leaving, just in case any of you guys wanted to check them out.

So, in no particular order:


You can check any of these out, or add them to your Goodreads list, by clicking on the cover image.
And you can check out the whole of my 2018 reading spurge HERE!


Feel free to share your favourite reads of 2018 – I love hearing about new authors and books to check out.

And in the meantime …


Read an Excerpt of Sex Therapy

Yup, yup, today I’ll be sharing a little of Sex Therapy with y’all, and because this is my regular ole blog, I figured it best to keep it clean, sooooo …

I picked out the first 500 words. To introduce you to Chase Walker. To show you the inside of his clinic. And to hopefully leave you intrigued and wanting to read more.

Here you go:

Letting his body sink back in his chair, Chase Walker took a moment’s rest. When he’d first set himself up as a therapist almost three years earlier, he’d no idea how quickly the idea would take off. No fucking idea how many would flock to him for his kind of advice and assistance. He could’ve suggested splurging on a penthouse office on the outskirts of the busiest city in the UK had helped boost his numbers, but his clients travelled however far they needed to for his services, and he knew damned well that his practice’s top-level discretion took the trophy for that.

He slid out a drawer on his walnut desk and withdrew a bottle of water. While he’d have loved a stiff drink before his next clients arrived, he doubted they’d appreciate the smell of whiskey on his breath. The liquid glugged when he tipped the bottle back and took a swallow before recapping the drink. Tapping the plastic against his knee, he let his head sink back, closed his eyes, took deep breaths. His usual routine for preparing for an appointment such as the one he suspected was on its way.

Each inhalation sucked in rich woody perfumes and expensive polish—scents that spoke of money. And so they should. Behind him, the room-wide windows graced the eyes with an almost bird’s-eye view of the Thames, and around him, teak panelled the entire bottom third of the walls and boarded the floor. Even the elegant chaise that passed as a visitor seat had cost a pretty penny from a dealer he’d once been hired by.

The intercom buzzed on his desk, and he lifted his lids, revealing all of his well-earned belongings. After tucking the water back inside his desk, he pressed a small camouflaged button and answered, “Yes?”

“Your four o’clock is ready for you, Mr Walker.”

“Thank you, Samantha.”

Clicking off the connection, he pushed up from his chair, brushing his hands over the front of his crisp trousers as he straightened his legs. Those had cost a bomb, too, but at least the fabric caressed his thighs and hugged him everywhere it should. After checking his shirt front for blotches and straightening his tie, he strode for the door.

Opening it exposed the reception area. The highly-polished desk on the left looked like a piece of art, with the way it curled around the two women sat behind it. They both glanced up, as he stepped out, their lips curved into smiles that spoke of contentment in their work, while their perfectly-plucked eyebrows arched in a knowing expression. They may have reacted the same at his appearance, but in looks, Samantha was day to Raelyn’s night. The innocent persona of blonde hair and blues beside the wickedness of raven darkness surrounding hazelnut eyes that Raelyn often lowlighted with smoky grey kohl.

At the slight lift of Sam’s chin, he followed her gaze to the seating on the opposite side of the room, where a middle-aged couple sat side by side in nothing but the clinic-provided robes and terry-cloth slippers.

“Mr and Mrs Miller—would you like to come through?”

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RAK’s and Their Affects {featuring Katherine Skye}

RAK’s, to those who aren’t aware, are: Random Acts of Kindness.

I’ve seen a lot of them mentioned across the ‘Net. Mostly by book bloggers (I’ll come to the awesomeness of them in my post scheduled for the 16th). But this week, I was the recipient of a RAK that blew me away from the moment I knew it was coming.

You see, there is this lovely lady I’ve ‘met’ through the ‘Net (Heh—it rhymes), who said to me one day (coz she knows I read a LOT), if there’s any books you want to read, just let me know, I might have them. So, to make it easier, I shared my ‘wishlist’ with her, and she messaged me to say she had quite a few of those.

She wasn’t kidding.

And then she offered to send them to me.


But that wasn’t all.

You see, this lovely lady’s kindness has stretched far before this RAK. Anyone who pays attention to my tweets knows the Mini-Me has been sick quite a bit lately (mostly with ear problems). Guaranteed, if I tweeted about the girl being sick, Katherine would reply. Even when I don’t tweet, she often asks me how she is. So, I suppose I shouldn’t really have been surprised when she asked if there was any American candy the Mini-Me would like to try—because she wanted to grab some and send it with the books.

So when I mentioned that the main thing we can’t seem to get over here (unless we go to a specialised store and pay through the nose for a single item) is Wonka stuff, she said she’d send some.



She sent a tonne!

Wanna see what I got?

Sure you do.

Well, first when the box arrived, I got a little excited. The delivery dude even got a special smile. With teeth. 😀

Then I opened the box, and smiled some more, even though I could only see pretty tissue paper.

Then I peeled back the paper and smiled even wider, and the Mini-Me (peering over my shoulder) kinda went ‘Oooowhoah’.

Then we emptied out the candy. Mini-Me’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when I started pulling the candy out of the box. O_O <<like this!

The blue ones of these are scrummy. 🙂

And the strawberry ones of these are scrummy.

Laffy Taffy! I think I may have (already) developed a slight addiction. O_o

Mr B is rather taken with these.

And I don’t force the Mini-Me to share these with me because fizziness in sweets makes my eyes do a dodgy dance. 😉

Then I dragged out the books.

These covers ARE as awesome as they look. I’m very excited to read these.

I’ve been wanting to delve in and discover what the fuss is about for the Mortal Instruments, but when I tried to nab a copy here, I could only get one with a fugly cover (and I only buy books with pretty covers–shallow, I know). And Enthralled has a great line up, so I’m looking forward to that.

Article 5 seriously sounds like my kinda book & I’ve been wanting to check out Slide since I first read the blurb. 🙂

Read Shadow Bound and have been wanting this one since. 🙂

Annnnd I even got this muchero unexpected bundle of swag. Check out the Lover Reborn bookmark in there! 😀

Finally, after ogling and pawing everything, I gave Mini-Me the candy, before reverentially replacing all the books in the box for when I’m ready to read them.

After the last couple of weeks I’ve had, and with being ill this week with a viral infection the Mini-Me kindly shared, this pick-me-up could not have come at a better time.

So I have just one thing to say to you, Ms Katherine Skye.

You totally rock!


Okay, so let me start by saying I reeeeeeeeaaaaaally wanted to scream my latest news from the rooftops for this post, but alas having a contract means I have a marketing schedule to uphold and you’re all going to have to wait a little longer for what you all probably already suspect (sorry).

So … instead, I’m going to chat about my reading plans for 2012 and leave you all guessing for a little bit longer.


I’ve never set myself reading goals before. I simply read. And then I read some more. But since being on Goodreads, the marvellous folk I’ve met do a fine job of sweeping me up in their craziness. One of their crazy ideas is setting themselves personal challenges with regards to their reading.

So … I joined in.

The done thing is to start yourself a thread in the group for your personal challenge, openly declaring the challenge you’re setting yourself. So I went in. and I challenged myself to read 50 books throughout 2012.

Not merely content with that, I added to my challenge.

You see, I have a LOT of singles (titles not part of a series) sitting in my Kindle that I got for free (mostly through Pixel of Ink—love that site).

More than EIGHTY, in fact (just see image for proof–that’s on my Goodreads personal challenge thread and shows only SOME of them).

But due to my LOVE of series reading, they keep getting ignored.

So … on top of my challenge to read 50 books in 2012, I set the additional challenge of: for every series I read, I then have to read one of my freebie singles before I’m allowed to start on a new series.

Good challenge, no?

And that should have been that.

Maybe it would have been … if one Carole-Ann hadn’t sidled into my thread and told me my challenge number wasn’t high enough and I should up it to 72.

Now I respect Carole-Ann. Enormously. And if she thinks I’m up to that raised challenge, then I most probably am.

So I listened to her. And my 2012 reading challenge became: read a minimum of 72 books before year’s end and for every series I get hooked on, I MUST read a single freebie before I’m allowed to find another series to hook my talons into.

See? Simples! *Gulp*

How about yourselves? What 2012 challenges do you intend to rise to?