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As temperatures begin dipping and nights grow long, we lock ourselves inside our warm houses of an evening, safe with our families, and it’s so easy to forget that there are those out there in need.

With the Christmas period fast approaching, this time of year isn’t always filled with happiness and anticipation for the upcoming celebration.

Author Keri Lake has previously worked to raised funds for charities in need of donations during this season. This year, she approached me about an idea she had, and so this year, I am excited to announce that I’ll be partnering up with her, both as J.A. Belfield, and as my pen name Jenna Lyn Field.

For this year’s donation, Keri and myself are hoping to help make Christmas special for both Detroit (US) and Birmingham (UK) kids.

From now through until Halloween, a percent of sales from Darkness & Light AND Keri’s dark contemporary romance Ricochet will be used to purchase and donate copies of my alter ego’s special edition Christmas coloring book to both Birmingham Children’s Hospital here in the UK AND Detroit Goodfellows in the US from Keri!

Colour Me Funky Christmas Coloring Book contains 25 days of Christmas colouring fun and will make a great gift for all ages!

CMFC - Front Cover file

Buy your own copy in time for Christmas today:

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In addition, Keri will also make a donation to her favorite youth shelter, Covenant House, a sanctuary for young people who have nowhere to go.

All donations will be made on behalf of Keri Lake’s Caring Readers and J.A. Belfield’s Hollerers.

Buy or gift a copy of Ricochet or Darkness & Light and support a wonderful cause!

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Ricochet purchase links:

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New Print copy of Darkness & Light now available!

Hey, guys, just popping in to let you know that the re-released copy of Darkness & Light is now available in PRINT!

After a lot of formatting and cover work and proofing, it has been deemed ready to hit the shelves.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, the new full jack cover now looks like this:

D&L full print cover final

And in case you’re wondering what that might look like in the flesh, it be something like this:

So, if you’re thinking, Oh, aye, I can just see that on my shelf, looking pretty and readable and strokable …..

You can now grab a copy of your very, very own. 

Here’re the links:

Amazon US | Amazon UK