As you all know (and if you don’t: where HAVE you been?), my novella INSTINCT is due to hit E-Readers on January 1st 2012.


One more time with feeling:


Yep, in just over FOURTEEN WEEKS, readers will be able to get their hands on this tale—all of you who have read Darkness & Light and feel that you just HAVE TO know where it all started for Jem & Sean, Instinct will take you all back to the very beginning … to Sean’s very first sighting of Jem … oh, did I mention this is his PoV–just one more reason to get excited, no?

Well, here’s a few more. Just as I shared electro-goodies with you all for Into the Unknown, the time has arrived to share some for Instinct.

So how about another


and we shall move on.

Here’s the loot:

An Instinct banner:

Instinct bookmark (front & back images shown):

Instinct desktop wallpaper:

And that’s not all. You can find the full range of available Instinct electronic goodies RIGHT HERE!


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Roll up! Roll up!

On 8th August, I made the announcement that Fated Encounter was going to be unleashed on the world. I also made the declaration that I’d written it with the intention of it being free and that, after I’d shared it with my editor, J. Taylor Publishing were only too happy to support my goal and help me to achieve it.

As promised, Fated Encounter is now available.


If you’re wondering if it’s any good, why not check out Ambur’s review of the ARC I sent her at BurningxImpossiblyxBright to see what she thinks—she’s also hosting a giveaway of Darkness & Light.

For those too impatient, just grab your FREE copy of Fated Encounter for E-Reader, by clicking HERE!

Or if you have a Kindle, you can nab yourself a copy HERE!

Well, wotttaya waitin’ for? Go get ‘em! Now!

Psssssst, and feel free to spread the word. 🙂

Darkness & Light is available at the following outlets:


Barnes & Noble

WHSmith & Waterstones


A couple weeks ago, I had the idea to write a short story that I could give to my readers for free. I’m a sucker for writing little snippets of stuff that shows how events in my novels played out from a different perspective—especially as my 1st person PoV preference shows them through only one character’s eyes.

Anyhoo, I got to wondering … about the very first time Jem ‘thought’ she saw Sean in Darkness & Light, and I decided it might be fun to understand the encounter from Sean’s PoV.

Not only would I get to make it a little … um … ‘funner’ than the original, I’d get to work with the male I love working with, the male whose voice arrives as loud as a banshee wail in my ear.

So I wrote it.

Took me a few days (if you know me, you know I’m a slow typer), but I really liked what I ended up with.

And I was excited at the thought of sticking it up on my website as a free read for everyone—a way to say thanks to all those awesome people who have bought Darkness & Light and showed their support.

But that’s not the news.

The news is that I shared the story with my editor—not to sell (they don’t sell stories as short as this one), but just because she was interested. When it came back edited (I didn’t sulk at the red-pen, honest), and with a proposition, I was a little surprised … yet totally excited.

Yep, J. Taylor Publishing have offered to put Fated Encounter up as a free Kindle and Ebook read for folks to obtain, which means it got a cover and a blurb and it will have the potential to reach a much wider platform.


In case you didn’t get that, I’m excited.


What’s more, I’ve been told we can aim for a September 1st release so readers won’t have to wait very long for it to be available.


If you have a Kindle or E-reader, remember to look out for my announcement of its arrival. Just so you know, here’s what you should be looking out for (pssst, as this is a Jem & Sean tale, don’t forget to play spot the wolves):




Way back around Easter time -ish, I signed a contract for my novella, Instinct.

I’m mucho excited about this one, as this is a tale I wrote for totally selfish reasons because I had an urge to discover what made Sean Holloway tick.

So … this is a story that takes readers way back to the beginning.

In Instinct, the reader will get to understand how it all began between Jem and Sean of Darkness & Light.

And … today … I get to share the cover and blurb with the Internet world.


Let me just say, I LOVE it!

Each earlier mock cover that was sent for me to check out got a kind of ‘Ummm’ reaction from me.

Then this one came, and my response upgraded to ‘oooooh’.

I’m not going to tell you what sold it for me. If you study it well enough, you’ll figure it out for yourself.

So, I guess I’d better give you the chance to do exactly that then, eh?


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Sean Holloway!


I thought so.

Until he went and snuck off to yet another author interview.

And what’s more?

He’s kicked me off the comments section for the rest of the day!

To find out what Darkness & Light’s Sean Holloway gets up to when he’s out of my control, visit Aimee Laine’s Blog!