An update on me

I have some news, guys, and those of you who have followed along in the Holloway Pack are not going to like me for it.

The first post here for 2018 should have come in early January. That was what I had planned – to pop in and let you know about all the projects I’m working on for the year, and what I hope to achieve, what you–as the reader–can expect.

And then I got ill.

At the very end of December, I fell ill with a really bad batch of the flu that was doing the rounds, and it wiped me out – for realz. By New Year, the virus had caused me to be dehydrated, it had obliterated my potassium levels, stolen my strength and my ability to function (probably due to the intense fatigue it caused), I’d lost almost a stone in weight because I felt too nauseous to eat more than a few bites a day. So much so that, on January 2nd, I had a seizure. I’m 45 years old, and it was the first I’d ever had. I was taken to A&E (ER to the US folks), where I had another seizure, and they kept me in for a few days, did blood tests, X-Rays, a lumbar puncture, etc — all of which came back okay — before sending me home to recover whilst I waited for an MRI appointment, and appointment with a neurologist.

I had my MRI but don’t yet have the results. I have a month to wait until I can see the neurologist. And on top of that, the messing about of meds the docs have done because of me getting sick has caused other problems for me that I need to make a priority. I can’t blooming concentrate anyway, not knowing what’s going on. Because I still don’t feel okay, almost 5 weeks after I fitted. I’m still exhausted to the point of poor functionality – even with Mr B cooking for me almost every night and seeing to around 90% of the housework. And right now, I honestly can’t put so much as a guesstimate on when I will feel relatively normal again.

To begin with, I just announced to my street team that I would be taking January off, hoping I’d be back in a familiar land by Feb, but I’m not. I hate it, but I’m just not.

So, because I need to put my health first right now, I’m laying down my writing tools indefinitely. Sorry, guys, but I just don’t need the pressure of writing, of giving myself a deadline to get back to it, added to everything else going on.

Apologies to those of you very patiently waiting on Josh’s book. I’m gutted. I truly am. Who knows, maybe I’ll feel right again sooner than I imagine, and he’ll be with you soon.

But until or if that happens, please don’t hate me. ♥