Watch your word choice …

So, last week was a PITA because KDP were blocking episode 7 of The Therapist being sold on there. If you read the post, or my newsletter, you’ll know all about it.

Anyhoo, after realising there was a good chance that no actual person was vetting/blocking my book, but some kind of program that picks up on certain ‘flag’ words, I enlisted Keri Lake’s eagle eye, and we both knuckled down to reading episode 7 to see if we could figure out what the word(s) might be.

We both came up with exactly the same word.


Yep, I admit it. I used bestiality in one of my books.

HOWEVER, absolutely no bestiality actually takes place in the book, it’s just mentioned; that’s it – which KDP would know if there were actual people doing this vetting system.

So, I took out the word, adjusted the containing sentence, resubmitted the episode.

Guess what? It worked. It went through without a hitch and is now available on Amazon as a pre-order. ☺☺

So this is a message to authors: be careful of the words you select for your stories, because you just never know what might get your book blocked from going on sale.