Just over 14 months ago, I set myself some writing goals for 2015.

Those goals were set before I knew the schedule for my editing job.

They were also set before I decided to take on a second pen name and produce kiddies and colouring books.

Which meant that I didn’t hit my goals quite as originally planned – but that’s okay, because it meant I managed to achieve a bunch of other stuff that I’m more than happy with.

Aaaaannd because, despite everything else I had going on, I still wrote my butt off whenever I could, I can now declare CORNERED (Holloway Pack #5) FINISHED!!!!!!!!


Yesterday, I sent Dan’s story off to a handful of beta readers, which means I get to just sit around crapping my pants awaiting feedback.

As soon as I know it doesn’t suck monkey butt, I’ll should have some dates to announce.