*Weekly Check-in

Welcome to my weekly check-in where I post what I’ve been up to this past week.

Did I meet my writing target?


Well …

I’ve barely written a word in the past couple of weeks, as I currently have my MIL staying with me, and she shares my work space during the day, and likes to randomly talk to me, or if watching TV and laughs out loud at something, expects me to have paid attention so I can join in …. So, I’ve had to forego this for a few weeks until I get my space back and can focus a little better. So it might even be a couple more weeks, almost, before I can fully knuckle down once more.

Sucks a little, but at least I’m getting some family time with her.

As always, if you want to find out exactly what I’m writing, be sure to add Cornered to your Goodreads tbr.

And my Jenna Lyn Field target?


Well, this hasn’t been such a fail. Because whilst I can’t focus to WRITE when I have company, I CAN focus to draw, and so I’ve already begun designs for the second volume Advanced Colouring book.

On top of that, I spent last week creating all of the files for the first Advanced Colouring book, and uploaded them to the printer, received and approved the proof copy, and … Colour Me Funky – Advanced Colouring will be officially releasing on MONDAY!


Take a gander:

So, I’m very happy with this progress.

On the editing front?

Well, due to a postponement, I haven’t had any editing gigs since the beginning of August. However, I did get a last minute request from a new client, and that’s due to arrive today, so I’m pretty sure my break is about to be over.

What else happened this week?

Well, the house renovations are still ongoing and my house is still muchero upside down as a result. This is another reason I haven’t had much writing time, because I’ve had to make so many impromptu visits to B&Q for needed tools and pipework and paint and–gargh!–just about everything, I’ve reached a stage where I now hate the sight of the place. Seriously. But I’m truly seeing some end in sight for the room currently being done, after which I shall breathe a huge sigh of relief … until the next room reno begins.

Okay, so what’s everyone else been up to this week? Meet your goals? Talk to me.

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