Announcing Paranormal Obsessions

It feels like I’ve been sitting on this news for EONS!

Way back MUCH earlier in the year, I saw a call for authors to join a paranormal boxset. Having watched boxset after boxset release and secretly wanting to play, I was super excited when I spotted this, even more so when I realised the author making the request had had plenty of experience participating in boxsets herself. Plus, I even enticed my writer bud Keri Lake over to play with me, so for the first time ever, we’ll be sharing a release.


So, I give to you … Paranormal Obsessions:


PARANORMAL OBSESSIONS will take you places you’ve never been: haunted mansions, small towns, even mythical places created with romance readers in mind. These STEAMY ROMANCES will light up your life or darken your door.

We have sexy ghosts, shapeshifters, vampires and Nephilim from NINE bestselling and multi-published authors in one fabulous box set: PARANORMAL OBSESSIONS will get your blood pumping and raise your temperature!

For daily updates on each included book and the authors involved, and to find out great ways on how you *could* win some swag, come like the Paranormal Obsessions Facebook page.

And remember: tell your friends. Paranormal Obsessions is on its way.


P.S. If you’re interested in reviewing Paranormal Obsessions, and agree to post a review on or as close to release date as possible, drop me a line.