Weekly Check-in*

Oooops, I missed posting this yesterday, sorry. Thanks to being away earlier this week until Wednesday, and the Hubster being off work, I totally got confused about what day of the week we were on. In fact, I can hardly believe we’re on Saturday already. It only feels like a Tuesday to me. Oh, well. Onwards.

Welcome to my weekly check-in where I post what I’ve been up to this past week.

Did I meet my writing target?

Well, when I went away, I didn’t take my laptop with me. However, I DID take a notebook and pen and jot down a few pages of scribble. A few pages of scribble usually requires much deciphering on my behalf. And on top of that, it’s an intimate scene, and those always require more careful treading and consideration, and hence can often take me three times as long to write as any other scene. I did start deciphering the notes yesterday, though, and I’ll be continuing to do so today, so I’m currently feeling optimistic about it.

As always, if you want to find out exactly what I’m writing, be sure to add Cornered to your Goodreads tbr.

And my Jenna Lyn Field target?

Not too bad. Although I didn’t have any plans for this week on the JLF front, because I’m leading up to the release of Pink Hair, Blue Hair on the 16th next week, I did feel inspired to try designing something a little different on the colouring book front, and ended up really happy with how that turned out. Hopefully, I’ll feel inspired again and get the chance to add more designs to that portfolio, and you never know, I might have an announcement to make for that project in the future, too.

On the editing front?

Well, a new job landed in for a proofread. I proofread one of this authors books last year and really enjoyed the read, and so I was looking forward to this one. And as expected, I’m already suckered in and on a roll with it, so a good week for the editing. I love when work gets to be combined with pleasure this way.

What else happened this week?

Um … nothing? Unless you count the fact that we had a whole new roof fitted on our house last weekend, and the rest of the house is upside down with renovations, and yesterday afternoon, Mr B started ripping the bathroom apart … if you don’t count those, then not a lot at all. 😉

What’s everyone else been up to this week? Meet you goals? Spill in the comments.

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