Weekly Check-in*

Howdy, and welcome to my weekly check-in where I post what I’ve been up to this past week. I’m actually not only a day late for posting this week, but I also didn’t post last week at all. I know, I know, I fail. Sorry.

Okay, so, did I meet my writing target?

I’m almost at my writing goal for this week, and I plan to write this weekend, so I’m confident. This week, however, is the first in a few that I *have* been able to get anywhere near. Because a few weeks ago, I’d pretty much stalled out in the story when I realised I needed some research doing before moving on, and after sending some research Qs off to a good source, it took a few weeks for them to be returned due to the nature of the questions. This means that last week, I scarcely wrote a thing, and the week before that, my writing was dwindling because I knew I was running out of story before the research would be needed. I finally got the research feedback I needed on Tuesday evening, so after cleaning up the bits I got wrong on Wednesday, on Thursday, I was finally back in business. \o/

By the way, my time wasn’t entirely wasted whilst waiting on research. I pottered about in my website and changed the design. You can check it out HERE. If ya want. *shrug*

As always, if you want to find out exactly what I’m writing, be sure to add Cornered to your Goodreads tbr.

And my Jenna Lyn Field target?

Most of my JLF time has been spent proofing a copy of Noah’s New Room, as well as proofing a copy of a new title I’ll be announcing soon. With both of those good to go, I’ve also been organising a release day for Noah’s New Room, which happens to be this coming Tuesday (\o/), organising an announcement + publishing date for my other JLF project, and on top of those, I’ve been working on designs my JLF next release.

On the editing front?

I’m in line edit land. And after a rocky start pages-a-day count-wise, due to Aimee visiting and appointments I had to keep, I’m happy to say I am totally caught up and on track. In case you’re wondering, my current edit is a dark contemporary romance with guns and heat and sexiness … it’s pretty awesome.

Okay, so, what else happened this week?

Actually, not a lot. Mr B bought me a new desk lamp to help me see better when doing my artwork (muchero interesting stuff–ha!–and I’ve been making lots of mental plans (mental as in, in my head, not mental as in insane) for my writing schedule, what needs working on once I have Cornered complete, and what needs working on after that, and after that, and after that …. Yeah, I have way to many WIPs and ideas awaiting some focus. I half wish I wrote a whole lot faster because of how many there are. Anyhoo …

I think that’s everything for this week.

What’s everyone else been up to? Meet you goals? Tried something new? Spill in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in*

  1. eep! I need to go add CORNERED. I have it on my NOOK, but I’m so far behind on my GR updates. Super congrats to JLF and the picture books! 😀 And I’m soooo curious as to what you’ve been researching, inquiring minds and all that, hehe! ❤ *cheers* to an awesome weekend! 😀

    I've been spending the past couple weeks fighting/writing a synopsis…

    SYNOPSIS: (in Ivan Drago from Rocky IV's voice) I will break you.
    ME: (in Napoleon Dynamite posture and voice) I've got skills… nunchuck skills, Lyger drawing skills, writing skills… besides, Pedro offers me his protection… *dances* *sighs* *eats some tots* *curls up and cries because synopsis has broken me*


    But seriously. I once saw a post where someone said they'd rather put a campfire out with their face than write a synopsis. *stares at the flames*

    1. Cornered won’t be out until the end of the day. Kelly, your words always bring a smile to my face. Super good luck figuring out your synopsis. YOU CAN DO IT!
      Thanks for dropping in. ☺♥

      1. omg I’m SUCH an idiot! I even dashed right away to my nook ready to prove the author herself wrong, lol! I was like “No. I have ALL of JAB’s titles! I for sure have CORNERED!” Nope. It’s not even crossed off my “purchase” list on this sticky note on the back of my nook, either (gotta support my friends!!). I have no idea what I was thinking other than perhaps my lack of coffee muddled my brain *facepalm* I miss checking in regularly with you. I’ve been scrambling back and forth on the teeter totter of life, just trying to find a balance. I even feel like that song “Flight of the Bumblebee” is playing in the background as I scurry about. sigh. 😉 ❤ ❤

      2. LOL, you’re not an idiot. I’m so swelled with happiness that you have all of my books. And I love that you have sticky notes on your nook for what you need to get.
        Remember, you can check in with me ANY time. I’m only a message away. ♥

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