Weekly Check-in

Howdy, and welcome to my weekly check-in where I post what I’ve been up to this past week.

This week:

Did I meet my writing target?

Actually, I didn’t. However, I do have the legitimate reason of being stalled due to waiting on research answers I need for my next couple of chapters. And due to being a linear writer, this means I don’t get to write on until those answers come in. Besides, writing on before I have all of my facts straight will likely only result in me having to backtrack and correcting everything I got wrong. So I’m happy to wait.

As far as my editing work goes, I’m good for meeting that schedule. The story edit job I had a few weeks back landed back in my inbox ready for story edits, and I’m relaxed in the knowledge that I’ll enjoy it because I already know it’s a great story.

As for my Jenna Lyn Field stuff …

I’ve managed to finish up designs for a project yet to be announced and confirmed, which I *hope* will be out later on this year. And once I had those finished, I organised them into usable images, and then into usable pages, and then into an interior document ready to be uploaded for approval for the printer. I also created a front cover design for this one, and I think this is my favourite Jenna Lyn Field coverart to date.

On top of that, I’ve just had the first proof copy in for Noah’s New Room. The colouring is slightly skewed on the completed print copy, though, so I’ll be going back to the drawing board to make some alterations to that in the hope of fixing what’s coming out slightly altered in print.

Also, this week …

Well, in case anyone noticed, I missed Weekly Check-in last week. Again, I have a good reason for it. Because my longest-running crit buddy, Aimee Laine, flew into the UK on her way home to the States from India, and booked into a local hotel for the weekend. That meant that Mr B and I had a whole weekend of fun entertaining to do, so we took her to all the places we love to visit ourselves, as well as some we hadn’t even been to before …

Like Coventry Cathedral

And the Holy Trinity Church in Coventry

And past Kennilworth Castle

Into St. Mary’s church in Warwick when we went in search of that castle …

… which we found

These were just some tea rooms in a really old building. I just took the pic because I thought it looked amazeballs

And then we took her to Stratford Upon Avon where we popped to ….

Shakspeare’s Birthplace

And the really old house that used to belong to a doctor who they believed once knew Shakespeare’s family …

Oh, look, there we are again …

And onto the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare’s grave lies.

After that, we were getting tired, so I showed her ’round my ‘hood before me and my entire fam joined her for dinner out at a pub that sits in the centre of England–it even has a plaque set into the floor pinpointing the exact central spot. For realz.

All in all, I had an awesome weekend, and I totally didn’t mind not writing in order to make it happen. 😉

So, what’s coming up next week?

Hopefully, I’ll have my notes back and will be able to get back to writing.

Definitely more editing.

More super sekrit project organising. AND more Noah’s New Room preparations, and maybe some Jenna Lyn Field announcements, too.

Hopefully, you’ll come back and join me for it.

What did everyone else get up to this week? Did you reach your goals?


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  1. Sounds amazing! I would love to visit these sites and so many more! The countryside, the old buildings, the castles…I’d be in complete heaven.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time with Aimee. Jealous!! I’m waiting on that editing job that landed in your inbox… *taps fingers on table*

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