Weekly Check-in

Howdy, and welcome to my weekly check-in where I post what I’ve been up to this past week.

Did I meet my writing target?

Yes! \o/

In fact, I’d reached it by Wednesday, which was super lucky as I had a bunch of other stuff planned for the end of the week I’m now free to get on with. I also took Cornered over the 40k mark this week, which I’m VERY happy about.

If you want to find out exactly what I’m writing, be sure to add Cornered to your Goodreads tbr.

And my Jenna Lyn Field target?

I’d planned to push back what I need to do for my next children’s release until next week when I’m less busy. However, my brain wouldn’t let up and my fingers wouldn’t rest, so I ended up creating the first 8 pages for a project I hope to release later in the year, one I’m excited about because I never thought I’d ever get to be doing something like this. Once I have my photographs taken for what I *should* be working on, and I’ve begun developing my pages into workable files, I shall definitely be giving this one more attention.

On the editing front?

Well, I finished the read-through on my story edit job, which means I’ll be spending the next day or two typing up all of my notes to send back to the author. And yep, I’m bang on the agreed target for that, so all is good.

What else happened this week?

Well, my short story ENTICED released just YESTERDAY.


ENTICED is a FREE short story, full of alpha male hotness. If you’re interested in grabbing a copy, you can find all of the purchase links in the release day post HERE. You can also find out how to enter a giveaway to win stuff.

And if you’re not doing anything later, maybe you’d like to join a bunch of authors (and me) in celebrating Enticed release TODAY from 1pm onwards. There will be a line-up of authors throughout the afternoon to evening, with fun and prizes to suit everyone’s tastes, so you should defo join us. You can do so here: Enticed Release Facbook Party

In the meantime, remember to add Enticed to your Goodreads tbr.

Okay, I think that’s everything for this week. I *think*.

What’s everyone else been up to? Meet you goals? Tried something new? Spill in the comments.