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Welcome to my stop on the #TeaserTenth meme. #TeaserTenth is a monthly meme for writers, both published and unpublished, can play along in. It’s a great opportunity to meet new folks like yourself, as well as showcase what stories you have going on to both other writers and (hopefully) readers. Find out more by clicking the meme badge above.

And now I have your attention, here’s my third #TeaserTenth sneak peak into Cornered (unedited).


Liv wiggled her pencil back and forth, meeting my eyes as I sat down. “I’m sorry I made assumptions about you.”

Sliding my pint onto the table beside me, I took a sip of the JD&C and sank back into my seat. “Okay,” I said, once the liquid had travelled to the spot I needed it to hit.

“It’s just …” She dropped her pencil down and flattened her palm atop her papers. “”Look, most guys, in my experience, only bother to spend time with a girl because they want to get into her knickers.”

As soon as she said it, my focus instantly dropped to where those knickers would hug, and my eyebrow twitched before I could stop it. “Okay,” I said again, because up until she mentioned them, I hadn’t even given them a thought. Well, not outside of my bedroom, anyway.


Hey, Dan’s only human werewolf, after all.

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