Weekly Check-in

Hi guys. Welcome to my weekly check-in, where I post what I’ve been up to, whether I’m meeting targets, and what I hope for in the coming week.

This week:

Did I meet my writing target?

Not yet, as I ended up adding in a scene I had no intention of writing. This meant a couple of my characters got sent off on a goose-chase, and now I’m having to transition back into the scene thatΒ should have come next, and my brain has stalled out a little. However, I AM around 2/3 through my weekly word count, so I’m feeling positive about meeting my goals by week’s end–and if I do, Cornered will have passed the 20k mark, so what better reason to get my act together?

Also, this week, I spotted a lovely ‘Sean Holloway’ lookalikie on Pinterest. Check him out:

Nice, right?

Okay, moving on …

Did I meet the targets in my editing work?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

What am I looking forward to next week?

Well. This week I was supposed to be more focussed after Mr B’s week off work, but what I hadn’t factored in was new distractions. Because Boop was out of school for the week. And The Boy’s gf came and stayed a few nights. And, and, and. Okay, enough of the excuses, BUT I am 100% looking forward to having my daytimes to myself again next week. For realz. As well as a new editing job I’m expecting, and getting Danny to the fun stuff in Cornered, and I might even go hunting for a new office chair and desk.

What did everyone else get up to this week? Did you reach your goals?

Join me again next week to see how I got on. πŸ˜‰


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