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Welcome to my stop on the #TeaserTenth meme. #TeaserTenth is a monthly meme for writers, both published and unpublished, can play along in. It’s a great opportunity to meet new folks like yourself, as well as showcase what stories you have going on to both other writers and (hopefully) readers. Find out more by clicking the meme badge above.

And now I have your attention, here’s my second #TeaserTenth sneak peak into Cornered (unedited).


The rain had eased some during the night, but in its place, gale force wind battered my coat from all angles on my six a.m. run home.

Added to that, Sean’s words echoed around inside my head.

He’d caught me as I’d gone to jog down the stairs, his voice deep and serious as he’d said, “Next time you want to share Lia’s room, you better turn up with less alcohol inside you. Otherwise, I’ll be ignoring Jem’s request to leave you be and kicking your arse down to the sofa to kip. Are we clear?”

I’d had no choice but to nod—mostly because Sean’d looked like he wanted to shred my hide. Just another peg on the board of things pissing me off.

Working off my irritation, I pushed my muscles hard on my run, stretching out kinks caused by a night spent with Lia snoozing on my chest. She’d finally drooped there a little after three, and too knackered to move her, or myself, I’d managed to switch off enough to get some shut eye.

With the shitty start I’d already had to the morning, a part of me wished I’d just stayed asleep.


Yeah, all doesn’t seem to be going so well for Dan, eh?

Cheers for stopping by. See you next month (I hope).

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