Welcome to my stop on the #TeaserTenth meme. #TeaserTenth is a monthly meme for writers, both published and unpublished, can play along in. It’s a great opportunity to meet new folks like yourself, as well as showcase what stories you have going on to both other writers and (hopefully) readers. Find out more by clicking the meme badge above.

And now I have your attention, here’s my #TeaserTenth sneak peak into GRASP, a new adult post apocalyptic novel I hope to be publishing in 2016Please excuse my rough draft.


My hand freezes mid-push into my bag. Mikey spins back, one eye narrowed on the huge glass panes, head tilted a little to the left.

I resume rapid-ramming shit into my pack—on autopilot, not even looking at what I’m grabbing—but when Mikey licks his lips, my attention clings to him for clues of what my crouched position doesn’t let me see.

Another lick of Mikey’s lips has me cramming in faster—it’s a nervous action, a trait of his, and my fingers work harder to tug the string tight at the bag’s neck. By the time I click the clasp secure, the tremors have kicked in, and the second Mikey drops down to the carpet tiles before me, I swing to face the storefront, hauling my ‘sack onto my back and over my arms as I squint for an opening to peer through.

“What’d you see?” I whisper when Mikey shuffles forward and crouches beside me. “Them?” I catch his jerky nods out the corner of my eye, mutter, “Shit,” beneath my breath as my fingers curl around the handle of my baseball bat.

We purposefully chose the little chemist. The one with less traffic—despite knowing we could have nabbed a tonne more stuff at the town centre’s store. Picking between extra painkillers and less chance of being killed had been easy. Should’ve known everything was a little too quiet here.


Whatcha think?

Cheers for stopping by. See you next month (I hope). Maybe you’ll even take part.

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2 thoughts on “#TeaserTenth

  1. This ain’t no Holloway Pack, but I’ve been reading more and more post apocalyptic Young Adult lately, and have been enjoying it, so I’d be interested in giving a New Adult version a try. Thanks for sharing!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    1. Nope, you’re right, this ain’t no HP. Don’t worry, though–I won’t be wading through this again before Cornered is complete, I promise. ☺

      Thanks for dropping in, Carmel.

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