Help Choose Ethan’s New Title

Happy Halloween, Guys!

Okay, so, you may recall that, back in the summer, I mentioned about having written a short story for Ethan. You may also recall my mentioning that it’s a little steamier for one of my Holloway Pack guys than you’re used to–and that it was currently only called ‘Ethan’. Well, this is because I still haven’t settled on a title for it.

Which is why I’ve come to you guys. To help me decide.

After much debate, the options have been whittled down to two. However, to help YOU make a valid choice, I’ve decided to include a couple of (tiny teaser) snippets in the post ….

Kinda like (click on image/s to enlarge):



This guy is fit

And even:

This guy is fit

So, now you know a lot more about what we’re dealing with here, I’ll share the two titles up for debate.


Which do you think? Choose below. ☺

Choose Ethan’s New Title

I shall collect up the votes next week and post on Friday 7th November about the result.

Pssst, don’t forget to bring your friends along to vote, too. ♥♥♥♥


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