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Hi all,

I’m not sure how many of you have noticed, but WordPress users have been experiencing issues of late.

In short, some WordPress blogs have been shut down.

It appears the reason this is happening is because the bloggers affected have posted links to an external site(s), which, apparently, goes against the rules as written by WordPress.

This means that every book blogger out there who links to a book on Goodreads, or links to a book on Amazon, or links to an author’s website is at risk.

Every blogger who supports blog tours or book blasts (that inevitably link to external sites as they’re promotional posts) is at risk.

Every blogger who happens to be an author and uses the platform to advertise themselves (which, obviously, leads to them linking to what they have to offer, right?) is at risk.

The list goes on ….

I know personally of 3 bloggers who got shut down in ONE day over the weekend.

If this happens to me, I’d be pretty devastated because a) it’s taken me years to build up my audience, and that would be instantly lost if WP shut me down; b) I happen to *like* using WordPress because I find it easy and user-friendly; c) I have ALWAYS encouraged other bloggers to try WordPress because I believed in them, and they are now letting their users down with this late behaviour.

However, I cannot dismiss the idea that they might block me from my blog and wipe it from the Blogesphere, so consider this post a friendly poke to let you know that if you pop in and I ain’t here any more, then you all know what has happened.

In fact, I fear the issues have already started, as WordPress has suddenly made it very difficult for me to schedule a post, to save a post, to do anything with a post. A post I tried to schedule for today, WordPress decided to schedule it for a date in 1970. Yes, you did read that right. I wasn’t even freaking born in 1970! They also sent out an email to my subscribers about the post, but with no content when they clicked to read it. And then today, after saving said post as a draft in the hopes that that’d be easier, I headed in to post it live, and WordPress made it vanish. They gave me the notification that said ‘Congratulations! You have posted your ‘whatever number’ post’, alongside said post, but then it vanished straight away and I can’t find the darn thing ANYWHERE. Bummer for me, as it means I’m letting a writer buddy down. Even bigger bummer for my writer buddy, as it was for her blog tour.

So, yeah, it’s started. And I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse. Hence my seriously considering that I may have no choice but to move, because WordPress have instilled within me a bad feeling.

However, even if the worst happens, I won’t be walking away from blogging, because I enjoy it. Instead, I’ll find another platform and I’ll start again. From scratch. And try my best to get to where I am here.

If you happen to be subscribed via email, then it’s all good as I have the details of my email subscribers tucked safely away and you can be added to my the subscriber list for my new blog, should it come to that.

BUT if you’re subscribed via WordPress only, then you’re going to love seeing my posts and anything I have to say and there’s abso-freaking-lutely nothing I can do about that. So, if you are subscribed that way and if the worst comes to worst and I’m shunted, and you still want to follow, then please ensure you’re following me on either Facebook or Twitter for news of any changes regarding that. Because if I *do* end up having to create a new blog, those are the two main places it will be advertised. Links for both are in my footer below, amongst all of my other links and info. I’d post them in here, but, ya know, WP’d likely block my post then. :\

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me over the years. I truly appreciate it.


6 thoughts on “Concerning

  1. Maybe consider self hosting? It does costs some money, but then you do know wordpress can’t shut down your blog. I actually really like self hosted wordpress, although you might have some new issues with your hosting provider now and then.
    If you switch to another platform you can usually take your posts with you, there’s also an export button in the dashboard under the heading tools were you can download all your content. It’s an easy way to back-up your content in case something goes wrong.

    Also I realy wonder why and sometimes blogger too make it so hard for bloggers 😦

    1. Yeah, I was going to ask folk about the export option so I’d have everything to stick in my new blog should it come to that.
      I think, if I blogged daily or religiously, as book bloggers do, I’d probably consider self-hosting, which is what I do for my author website, but it’s not really worth paying for something that doesn’t actually drive *that* much traffic to where I need it to go.

  2. I’m one of those that got their blog shut down. Self-hosting sounds like an option except if you’re tight on money. If you want them to do the work for you it’s a one time fee of $129 and then you have to find a host and pay their fees. One site, if you have an existing WP account it’s more expensive then if you start fresh. I’m one of those that needs that free account so I had to delete more than half of my posts and will have to rework them in order to repost them. I had my site for three years so it makes me wonder if their actions aren’t fiscally based.

    1. Yeah, I don’t really want to spend a bunch of money on a blog. If push comes to shove, I have a blog option on my website, and I’d rather just upgrade my account on that to enhance that than pay for the extras somewhere else. Definitely food for thought.
      Sorry you got affected. This sucks monkey butt.

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