Writing really IS like childbirth

If anyone ever asked me what are the worst and best aspects of writing, I’d probably answer something like:


Worst parts – the writing of the story

Best parts – the writing of the story


Because writing exasperates and pains and frustrates and stresses me. Yet at the same time, it brings immense pleasure.


Going back to the title of this post, my point is pretty much that I can understand exactly why writers call their books their ‘babies’—because writing a book is a whole lot more like childbirth than a lot of folk give it credit for.

I mean, I puff and pant and pull my hair out and want to cry and scream and stamp my feet and grind my teeth and yell at the universe for the fact ‘I’m in it ‘til the end, and I’ll get there even if it damn well kills me …’

And then I write that final word, that last nugget in a manuscript of 1000s of words, and the relief is immense, I no longer want to cry tears of frustration but ones of joy, and I feel lingering pain at the thought that my time with these good folks is over, that they’re no longer only inside me but a part of my world outside of my head, but that’s pretty much swamped by the overwhelming pleasure of ‘I did it! I f*****g did it!’, and the feels from the accomplishment, the achievement, after months of fighting my way through my head insisting ‘I can’t do this’ leaves my chest puffed with pride. That pride—that self-aimed pride, is a beautiful feeling to behold.

And then come the visitors. The look-see-ers. All those folks who want a peek at your baby. All those who want to see how much it looks like the rest of your family (in this case: my other books). And like any good parent, I sit there on the sidelines, waiting for—hoping for—the praise that will make me breathe that final sigh of relief, that will have my heart swelling with love of this ‘thing’ I’ve created, the praise that convinces me further that I have just produced something quite wonderful.


So, I guess my point is, any time you think you ‘can’t do it’ look at it this way ^^^^, because sometimes you have to go through the pain to get to the pleasure. Push through, people. It’s always worth it in the end.