Re-Release Date for Darkness & Light

If you saw my post a week or so ago, then you’ll already know that Darkness & Light is currently off the market and is awaiting re-release.

If you didn’t see that post, it’s okay, I can wait a sec for you to head on over and catch up.

All caught up?

Good. I’ll continue. ☺

Since the last post, I have been so busy, I have fonts and fonts and more fonts coming out of my ears. Whodathunk deciding on a font would be so damn hard? However, thanks to the veeeeeeery patient help and feedback of my Street Team, I have finally decided on the design for the re-release ebook cover.

And now that I have that sorted, it means I have some kind of handle on the time-frame I need to get this back out.

So … I have set a date.

September 10th.

My birthday.

Darkness & Light will be back out in the world in e-formats.

In fact, it is already available for pre-order over at Amazon … HERE!

As for the print edition?

Well, I’m still working on a few bits and pieces for that, and as soon as I know a time-frame/date, I will let you all know.

In the meantime, if you wanted to see what the updated ebook cover for Darkness & Light will look like, alls you gotta do is … check below:

D&LSee? Nothing too drastic, right?


AAAAAND before you go: a Re-release Day Book Blast will be happening for Darkness & Light on September 10th.

If you would like to take part in that and help support this venture (pretty please), the sign up form is below.

As always, thanks HEAPSLY for your support.




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    1. Thanks, Jen. And the nerves were only there before I had my cover secured. Now, I feel quite relaxed … until it comes to the print version. That, I’m worried about getting right. ☺

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