Need help ….

Okay, so the other day, I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was working on a fun little Holloway Pack side project. Well, said little Holloway Pack side project concerns a certain much-loved wolf named Ethan. To be exact: his birthday.

And I want Gabe and Mia to give him a seriously gimmicky T-shirt that’ll make him cringe a little to wear–mostly because Jem isn’t getting him one. After asking my street team members (thanks, Holloway Pack Hollerers) for a little help in deciding, I’ve managed to narrow it down to four choices. So now I need a little help narrowing it down to one.

To help, I made a pic … Ta-da!


And I also made a poll …. Ta-da!

So, if you have a moment to spare and wouldn’t mind helping me out, just click-y on the pic-y choice you like-y the bestest.



P.S. I shall be collecting the results Monday (23rd June) morning.


6 thoughts on “Need help ….

  1. I really like #3, but it makes me think Doctor Who rather than Ethan – so I chose #2, it makes me smile and has that manly bit of tongue-n-cheek 🙂

    1. I think it might very well be Doctor Who, but I’m not a Whovian (though I’ll likely work that knowledge into the book to null confusion if that one wins). ☺

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