Check it out: cover reveal for Alexander Nader’s Burdin of Choice

Coming via J. Taylor November 10th 2014 is Alexander Nader’s Burdin of Choice, book 2 in the Burdin novels.

I read the first book last year, Beasts of Burdin, and really enjoyed Ty’s dry wit, the wide array of well-described demons, and world building Mr Nader has going on, so I’m very much looking forward to continuing on in the story. You guys want to add Ty Burdin’s tales of brew-goggled woe and reluctant heroics to your reading lists, for sure.

Oh, and you should totally go follow Mr Nader on Twitter, too, because he’s funny–but be preferred for sarcasm. And weirdness. Definitely weirdness. With lots of hair.


Ty Burdin is back. Back to drinking and back to avoiding demons. He is, of course, the leading expert in his field. In both subjects.

That’s probably why, when a customer offers him way too much money just to locate a missing car and some mysterious cargo, he readily agrees. The dude is human after all—Ty’s prime target client base.

Along with the money comes a slew of disappearances which Ty tries to ignore while tracking down that car, because, of course, those missing people might be demon related, and as he’s said before, that’s agency business. Not his. Period.

Until today.

Ty Burdin is to back drinking as well as everything he vowed never to get involved with again.

Question is, which one will kill him first? The booze, the demons, or the Agency?

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  1. This series looks like it is going to be fun. I hopped over and added to my TBR. Thank you for sharing with us, definitely digging the cover art! 🙂

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