Holloway Pack Street Team

So … I announced on Facebook this week that I was collapsing to my need for a Holloway Pack Street Team.

What’s this Street Team? you ask?

Well, it’s a group of folk who march along the street, thrusting my books into people’s faces and demanding they read them!

Okay, I’m actually kidding. Seriously! I’m kidding!

A Street Team are a bunch of guys familiar with your books, with an online social network presence, willing to go out and Tweet/shout/cheer-lead about your books and stuff happening with them on your behalf.

Does this mean you get to sit back and chomp on chocolate whilst letting others do all your dirty work? you ask?

Yes! My current favourite is Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Banana Caramel Crisp, or Godiva chocs (those balls with the moussified raspberry centres), if anyone wants to send me any.

Okay, I’m kidding. Again. (though maybe not about chocolate parcels landing on my doorstep 😉 ).

What this means is that:

1) Having a team to help spread the word when I’ve got stuff like giveaways and cover reveals and other promotional/marketing events happening will help free me up to continue writing, etc, and

2) Having a team to help ME spread the word during promotional/marketing events means will help the posts reach more than I am capable of reaching on my own.

At the moment, I have some amazing folk in my team–all of them volunteers. However, I have room for a few more, if anyone else wants to join. The only stipulations are:

1) You have to have a Facebook account (because we have a sekrit group on there for easy posting when I have stuff I need them to help with/share), and

2) You have to become my friend on Facebook (Gosh! Noooooo!), on my private account (Man, is she serious? Uh … yeah), to enable me to add you into our sekrit fold.

So, if you don’t mind tweeting and hollering (Street Team name: Holloway Pack Hollerers–yeah, I thought that up all on my own O_o), with absolutely no obligations to join in when you can’t (because you can always say: Hey, Belfield, doncha think yer asking a bit too much, here, dude?), then just come find me and let me know.

I’m always about somewhere. My email’s in the bottom footbar, so’s all my social networking buttons. And if you don’t wanna join, that’s cool, too. Just wanted to let you guys know the invite is there.

Have a great weekend.