Announcing the Summer Reads Scavenger Hunt #SRScavHunt

I had a dream …

Okay, maybe nothing quite so dramatic as that, but I definitely had a vision of something I’d like to achieve.

You see, back before Christmas, I organised (fairly un-chaotically—for me) a scavenger hunt for myself and my fellow J. Taylor authors (L.S. Murphy’s idea). It was fun. It went well. I enjoyed it.

So, I figured, why not do it again?

Only this time, why not make it bigger? See who I could get to join in?

Ooooh, hey … with all the (still-going on and on and on) nonsense about some authors being considered more author-y than others due to their publishing backgrounds, why not make it a uniting of authors of all statuses?

So I sent out a bunch of invites.

And received a whole lot more sign-ups than I could have imagined.

In fact, I had to close the sign-ups OVER A MONTH BEFORE the cut-off date because the author list was growing and growing (and I wanted to remain in control, ya know?).

Pretty much anyone was invited to join. A free-for-all.

The only stipulation was: no erotica.

Now, please don’t all jump on me. I’ll try to explain why (without sounding like a total butt-head).

First up let me be clear: I do NOT dislike erotica—a good few of my longstanding writer buddies write erotica (very well, I might add), and I’ve read AND ENJOYED some erotica novels/shorts/anthologies. Nor do I have ANY kind of disrespect for this genre—AT ALL! My reasoning behind this decision is more OUT OF RESPECT. Because whilst YA is fairly safe to be merged with adult and sci-fi with contemporary, erotica isn’t so easily merged. It’s a whole other world within its own right. It’s too unique to be clumped. And as such, its readership, whilst they might very well also read YA, is just as specialised. And yes, the fact I included YA authors in the hunt is the biggest reason I excluded erotica. Had this been an adult titles only hunt, then erotica would well and truly have been in there, also. Who knows, if this pilot hunt is a success, maybe I’ll have the means to do an erotica hunt later down the line, or be able to separate the hunts into YA and adult and the erotica will be able to join in there. But for now, in the scavenger hunt’s first year, I’m keeping it simple.

So, back to this year’s hunt. It has a name. It’s the Summer Reads Scavenger Hunt and, as you might have guessed, will be held in the summer—July to be exact.

And as I said, a wide range of authors have signed up, making for a VERY exciting array of blogs for entrants to hop about to. And each of these participating authors are bringing a signed book (books for some) to the table to create ONE MAHOOSIVE Grand Prize. Dude, one author who is unable to participate due to not having a blog even offered up her book for the prize fund anyway (THANK YOU Joelle Charbonnaeu). AAANNNDDD all authors will even be offering up SWAG for individual giveaways folk can enter along the way.

All that’s left to make this happen is entrants. *cough* that means YOU!

So, if you happen to be about between the dates July 16th – 19th, then you should defo join in the fun. Who knows, you might just win a whole bunch of signed books (+ Amazon GCs) for yourself.

You might enjoy yourself, too.

p.s. the button (and its code) for the hunt is below for anyone who fancies sharing it in their sidebar.

Cheers. Hope to see you there.

16 – 19th July 2014

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<h4 ><em><span >16th – 19th July 2014</span></em></h4>