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Welcome to my stop on the Inspired blog tour, where you can learn a little more about this unique novel and experience Danielle E. Shipley’s wit. PLUS, there’s a giveaway!


For a muse like Lucianíel, one story’s end is another’s beginning.

In the wake of his author’s sudden death, Luc takes ownership of her surviving creations—four fantastical characters with tales yet to be told—saving them from unwritten lives crumbling around them and giving them a second chance at a literary future.

Luc finds that chance in the unsuspecting mind of Annabelle Iole Gray, a quirky teen with her head in the clouds, nose in a book, and imagination ripe for a brilliant muse’s inspiration.

Or so he hopes.

Neither Luc nor Annabelle, however, realize all they’ve undertaken. Even with a to-write list including accounts of a shape-shifting cat creature, gentle knight-in-training, vigilante skater girl, and a mystery boy smothering in unspoken fear, the most remarkable saga created between author and muse just may turn out to be one stranger than fiction.

Their own.

Ten things I’d do with ONE of my characters if we could spend a day together outside my head by Danielle E. Shipley

The upside of being an author who cultivates friendships with her characters is that I get to buddy around with them any time the fancy strikes! The downside is, it’s all in my head. I’ve often wished that could somehow change; that my favorite characters could be physically here with me on my plane of reality. Even if it could only be one day with just one of them, oh, the fun we’d have together! Especially if that one character were my dear “Merry Madman”, Will Scarlet.

1 = Have breakfast. We’ve only got one day, so we’ve got to start cramming in the fun first thing. Yes, breakfast is one of many of Will Scarlet’s ideas of fun. It’ll probably be too early in the morning for me to feel hungry, so I’ll just watch him eat, which may or may not be one of my ideas of fun. (Memo to self: Take pictures!)

2 = Drive to the mall. Will loves shopping, and few things say “adventure” to a man transplanted from medieval times like a chance behind the wheel of a car. Hey, it can’t be much more dangerous than letting me do the driving! (Memo to self: Take pictures!)

3 = Catch a movie, because Will also loves the cinematic experience. I hope there’s something good playing on this particular day. Maybe he’ll be just in time to share the third “Hobbit” movie with me next year. (Memo to self: No photography during the movie. It’s distracting for the audience and might get us kicked out for piracy.)

4 = Hit up the food court for lunch. Unlike his author, Will never forgets mealtime. (Memo to self: Take pics!)

5 = He’d probably suggest we stick around the mall to play arcade games. I’d remind him we have video games at my house. Back home we go for a few rounds of Dance Dance Revolution! Maybe we can talk my sisters into joining in, too. The more, the merrier! (Memo to self: Make sisters take pics!)

6 = Call my writing bestie. She’s a mutual friend of Will’s and mine, and hoo-boy, won’t she be in for a surprise when she picks up the phone and Will’s voice isn’t just my best imitation of it, it’s actually his! (Memo to self: Send our friend the day’s photos via e-mail.)

7 = Surprise. I can’t tell you what this is, because I won’t know until Will does it! He’s an unpredictable guy who likes surprising his friends with special treats he’s pretty sure they’ll love, so whatever it is, it’ll probably be amazing. (Memo to self: Be prepared for this to be the sort of escapade wisest enjoyed without photographic evidence.)

8 = Dinner, of course. (Do we have enough pics of Will chewing, yet? What the hey, let’s snap a few more.)

9 = We’re running out of day. Thank goodness for the night! C’mon, Will – let’s go out for a walk under the moon. (Too dark for good photos, but we’ll have the memories.)

10 = After a long, full day, I’ll be exhausted, but I won’t want to say goodbye. So I won’t. We’ll crash on the couch and fall asleep together. I’ll miss him when I wake in the morning, but he won’t have gone far. Only as far as my head and my heart.


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Danielle E. Shipley

Danielle E. Shipley’s first novelettes told the everyday misadventures of wacky kids like herself. …Or so she thought. Unbeknownst to them all, half of her characters were actually closeted elves, dwarves, fairies, or some combination thereof. When it all came to light, Danielle did the sensible thing: Packed up and moved to Fantasy Land, where daily rent is the low, low price of her heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, firstborn child, sanity, and words; lots of them. She’s also been known to spend short bursts of time in the real-life Chicago area with the parents who homeschooled her and the two little sisters who keep her humble. When she’s not living the highs and lows of writing young adult novels, she’s probably blogging about it.


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  1. What a great post idea!! I’m totally going to steal this one. hehehe

    Congrats on the release, Danielle – unfortunately, I’ve only read ONE book in the last 6 months. Sad, isn’t it? I blame it on my little man, Luke. It’s all his fault. 😉

  2. Oh yes, I was thrilled with the post idea! (Thanks for all, Julie!) Not as fun to write as it would be to live, but only because that would be pretty hard to top. As for your little Luke, Terri, he’ll just have to make it up to you by growing up to be a great reader, won’t he? ^.^

  3. I totally lost track of how quickly this day was coming up. Danielle, be careful. Ashley will probably be stalking you guys all day. (And me, but that’s beside the point.) Congraaaaats, Danielle!!!! ❤

      1. *LOLs at your retrospection* That’ll teach you to choose another blogging platform! Even so, you and Ashley are of course more than welcome to stalk me and mine any time you wish. X)

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