Time for a little Kyle: Unnatural Excerpt #2


In December I shared the opening scene of UNNATURAL with you guys. This month, you get to see the rest of the first chapter of my soon to be released Holloway Pack tale.

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I chuckled to myself as I mounted the wall surrounding the Cheshire property belonging to Brook’s father. One of the Toms had almost caught me as I’d hit the ground beneath the guesthouse window. I’d scarcely ducked around the corner in time—though, the crash of the door opening almost had me leaping back in there to teach that inconsiderate bastard a lesson. Instead, after pausing long enough to check Brook could hold her own, I’d raced for the perimeter.

A left scan showed the exterior to be clear and a peer to the right assured me my Mitsubishi waited exactly where I’d left it farther up the road.

Shirt and boots still clutched in my hand, I broke into a jog toward the pickup.

Before I’d taken more than a handful of steps, Kings of Leon’s Closer sounded out—from my mobile where I’d left it inside the glovebox.


I surged forward, slammed against the driver’s door, snapping at the catch to get it open, and dived across the seat to snatch up my phone. Pressing connect, I placed it to my ear. “Yo!”

“Where the hell are you?”

“Dad … um …” I glanced at the dashboard clock. Three-twenty-three. Fuck! I’d been gone the entire afternoon.

“Straight there and back, you were supposed to go …”

He meant straight to the brickyard to price up materials for the new construction project. Could I help it if Brook had worn me out?

“… this is the fourth time now you’ve volunteered for a run and taken hours over it. What the hell’s taking so long?”

“I … fell asleep?” My brows lifted as I waited for his response.

The silence on the end of the line told me, way more than any words could have, that he didn’t believe me for a minute.

“Kyle, what’s going on?” he asked.

I climbed into my seat and closed the door. “Nothing, Dad.”

More silence.

I wouldn’t have believed my lying arse, either.

Dad sighed. “Just get back here, okay? And if you don’t want Nate gunning for you, you’d better make sure you’ve actually done what he sent you out for this time.”

The disconnect tone hummed at me. I tossed my mobile down on the passenger seat and raked my fingers through my hair, closing my eyes as I leaned my head back.

I hated lying to my family.

I had no choice.

As a werewolf, the pack’d go apeshit if they found out I’d spent the last few months shagging a cat.


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I hope you guys enjoyed your peek. Remember to call back on February 5th for the opening of chapter 2.

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