2014: The Year of Awesome?

If you think you’ve landed in a post that will likely contain some waffle, then you’re probably right. 😉 However, I thought today was as good a day as any to figure out what I hope the year ahead will bring, and what I hope to carry forth with me from 2013, as well as what I hope to leave behind.

After a pretty tumultuous 2012, 2013 was, thankfully, a little calmer on the emotional front. However, that didn’t seem to be reflected in the writing side of my life, as my moods regarding that have been very up and down—like up to the point of singing and dancing, and down with the snivelling, snotty mess end of things. Plus, I took on more commitments work-wise outside of my own writing to increase my income (did I mention I want a new kitchen?), so the hours I had to spend on writing were becoming, and have become, a whole lot more precious, and I think it’s fair to say I’d even bordered on becoming a big fat defeatist.

Anyhoo, I think most of my moods were to do with indecisions I was dealing with personally. I wanted to continue writing the Holloway Pack nonstop. At the same time, I also wanted to try something new. Something complete different. One, because I wanted to see if I could, and two, because I wanted to see where this might take me. I even took a few months off writing so I could clear my head and make my decision easier. Which, theoretically, seemed a great idea. In actual fact, I’m not sure it made it easier at all, but I did make the decision to write something ‘new’, because the Holloway Pack would always be there, ready and waiting for my return, whereas the something new felt as though it needed time NOW.

Well, if you know me at all, then you’ll understand that my ‘head’, and especially my muse, aren’t very good at being obedient, and so I ended up getting tugged in all directions. Whilst trying to write something new, my head was conjuring scenes for Holloway Pack 5, for Holloway Pack 6, and even for a potential Holloway Pack 7, as well as new contemporary standalone, and a YA sci-fi, a YA fantasy, a NA contemporary, a …. Okay, you get the picture. So, trying to stay focused was a NIGHTMARE!

However, I did manage 18k on a new piece before my head started trying to write something else new. I think I got half of the beginning scene written for that, and a bunch of notes for the world building and exactly where I wanted the story to go, before I put the brakes on and told myself to quit straying and quit distracting myself from the decision I’d already made.

2014Of course, the nail in this coffin (In a positive rather than negative way) was speaking to Mr Alex Nader (author of soon to be released Beasts of Burdin—cool book) last night via email. Because he made me realise that I do actually love the new story I’d gotten 18k written for, and that I *should* get on with writing that because I’m not wasting my time (which my treacherous head tried to convince me of just so I’d go back to my wolfilicious boys already).

So, the long and short of this post is that after a very unfocused, disorganised, and chaotically-minded and badly managed year last year, my resolution for this year is to turn myself around. To manage my time better, to figure out my goals and stick with them no matter what, and to do so with a clear head, an organised life, and as healthy a soul as I’m able to maintain.

Not too tall an order to myself, right? And you guys have my back … right?

So, what’s everyone else aspiring to achieve or be in 2014?


6 thoughts on “2014: The Year of Awesome?

  1. You know how 2013 was for me and I’m glad its finally behind me. I’m hoping this doesn’t sound selfish… But this year I will focus more on myself with my time, writing, getting organized, my health and spend more time with positive people. Also, getting my daughter ready for college. 🙂

  2. Here is to the new start with a new year, I’ll put the pot of coffee on and we can take each step one at a time determined to do better while remaining flexible to those new inspirations that crop up. You are awesome and I love the work you share with us. Sending you good thoughts of joy and laughter with much success in all you do and of course lots of good books 😀

  3. I love the idea of “the year of awesome”!!!! As a matter of fact, I’m stealing this from you and making it my theme for this year. 2013 was honestly the worst year of my life and, though nothing has really changed in my circumstances, I’ve determined to change how I deal with Lydia’s illness and how I allow it to affect me. 2014 will be the year of awesome!!! Thanks for the inspiration and best of luck as you embark on your year of awesome!

    1. So sorry things haven’t changed for you at home, Danielle, but it’s good that you’ve managed to alter your perspective of how to deal with it so it doesn’t bring you down. Good luck to you and your family for the new year, and may peace find you and yours. ♥

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