To Tide Us Over … #HollowayPack

Okay, so about now, I *should* be thinking about doing a giveaway for a couple Unnatural bookmarks.

However, I’m still waiting on my Unnatural bookmarks to arrive. They’ve been ordered, and they’re on their way. But international posting can be unpredictable with how long something takes to get here.

So, I figured whilst I was waiting, I’d give you guys a little something else.

Now, don’t go getting all excited. This isn’t a big giveaway for a tonne of swag and free books. After all, Christmas is around the corner, my kitchen needs refitting, my bathroom has a leak, my pooch needs her booster shots, we’ve gotta eat … you’re getting the picture. Nor is it my firstborn grandchild because, you know, my kids are too young (THEY ARE!!!!!!!!! Okay, my son mightn’t be, but I’ve convinced him he is) to provide me with any.

It is, however, a little something I can email to you, and you can do whatever the heck you damn well please with.

Yup, it’s a digitally signed & personalised Unnatural coverart–all yours for you to keep safe on your laptop/use as screensaver/print out and cherish … whatever you want.

If you have no idea what I’m describing up there ^^, what I email you will look something like this:


… except (obviously) it will be signed to you instead of some random bird named Mavis.

And all you have to do to get yourself one is comment below with your answer to the question:

How do you like your fictional males–headstrong and demanding, or quietly caring and wise?

And … I may even choose one commenter to send the entire collection of signed digi-covers to.


This offer will remain open through to midnight of Wednesday 20th November ’13.

Thanks for stopping!


4 thoughts on “To Tide Us Over … #HollowayPack

  1. I want a signed coverart of Unnatural, love the cover! Considering the question I actually like both types of males in books, it also depends on the book. And some variation is nice, if I read a a lot of books with Alpha males I like some quiet caring males instead. Both types have their pros and cons.

  2. In my books I like a happy medium between headstrong/demanding and caring/wise but in real life demanding doesn’t go over well with me lol.

  3. Posting on behalf of Rachel, who contacted me via Goodreads due to technical issues.

    I hope this message finds you well on a very sunny but cold afternoon.

    As always, every time I try to post a response on your blog, my system crashes (it’s a work thing!) So I’m posting here – I soooo don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get a digitally signed & personalised Unnatural coverart (Rachel is currently squealing in excitement lol)

    Here’s my response…Coverart….. Mmmmm… – I love them all, especially the ‘get caged with Ethan’ ! ;0) But to be fair, my first Holloway Pack love was Sean so would also welcome one from him!

    In considering your question “How do you like your fictional males–headstrong and demanding, or quietly caring and wise?” – well I typically go for the bad boys, headstrong and demanding – but love it when they show just a little bit of the fact that they can also be caring and wise!

    Rachel x :o)”

  4. I really shouldn’t do this, (‘cos you’ve been so gracious to me in the past 🙂 ) but the coverart of “Unnatural” is so appealing…….(and, yes, I still have “Blue Moon” digital stuff from you!) Maybe I’m just an over-eager fan-girl who loves (*g*) everything you do??

    As for fictional males: I’m SOOOoooo easy! I takes them how they come (and come, and come…..) (Sorry!)

    Huge {{{hugs}}} and sloppy kisses {{{xoxoxoxo}}}

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