Nano, Nano, Nano-nano-nano, Nano-nanoooooo (sang to the Pink Panther tune) …

Okay, before you all remind of the date and the fact I’m behind, yes, I know, it’s November 4th already and that NaNoWriMo started 4 days ago. However, I couldn’t write yet because I’ve been getting up to other stuff. Like ….

This is a VERY tired me (Mr B likes to walk early) modelling my Sons of Wrath T-shirt around Bosherton.

Yup, I put myself and my family 100% before my writing, and headed off to the MILs on the West Coast of Wales (aka: No Internet Land – unless you count the spotty reception on Mr B’s phone).

We took my wee niece away for the first time, along with the Mini-Me, and just did lots of walking, lots of hanging, lots of cooking and eating, and lots of chilling. It. Was. Bliss.

Check out our views.

2013-11-02 11.27.11
This is the Mini-Me and Squirt on Freshwater East beach early Saturday morning, when the winds were POWERFUL!
2013-11-01 10.49.59
We found a cave. Naturally we went inside. ;o)
2013-10-31 07.40.22
This is Broad Haven beach–one of my most favourite places EVER!

Oh, this is Pembroke Castle:

2013-11-02 15.06.28
Ze Castle!

Our niece had never been before so we took her for a visit, but the weather was SO FREAKING WINDY we could barely stand up. In fact, at one point, Mini-Me’s legs whooshed out from beneath her and she landed on her butt, the Squirt (aka my niece) ended up rolling about on the castle’s manicured lawn in the wind, and I ended up going backwards when I wanted to go forward. The only person who seemed to have a solid base was Mr B, but his hat that blew off whilst we crossed from parapet to parapet didn’t fare so well. I have to say I laughed my head off the entire time.


Anyhoo, I’m back.

And I’m late to NaNo.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t still join in. You see, last year, I did NaNo, and didn’t make the 50k word count.

Does that make me a loser?

Like hell, does it. Not when I added a big chunk to Unnatural as a result of that participation. Even the year before I only made a 25k word count for the month, but it was still a huge win when that word count went to toward both Caged and Eternal.

So, sure, I’ll be joining in—whether I complete the challenge, or not. Because nothing beats the unified writing of driven folk the world wide, all with the same goal of getting down some wordage. Who the  heck wouldn’t choose to be a part of that?

Obviously, I wanted to start to today. Unfortunately, I have a shedload of holiday washing to do, I have a dude coming to fix my boiler this afternoon so we won’t have to sit in sleeping bags to watch the TV, I have a bunch of notes to type up for a beta read I just finished this morning, and my pooch is poorly with some kind of ear infection ….

So tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow, I shall be NaNo’ing with the rest of the insane.

And remember, it doesn’t matter if you get down 50k, or 5k, because any words added is a win in my books.


P.S. If you have emailed me, or PMd me, or sent me a Q somewhere, I’m not ignoring you. It possibly won’t be until tomorrow, but I shall get to answering everyone as soon as I can. Just please be patient, as even authors take days off sometimes, ya know (at least on the surface). 😉


10 thoughts on “Nano, Nano, Nano-nano-nano, Nano-nanoooooo (sang to the Pink Panther tune) …

  1. Family always comes first! However, you are missing 2 people. Justsayin 🙂 I love the pictures!

  2. You’re not a loser if you finish it later and sell it off. Right on! I love the pics … it’s way windy over there, at least when I was in Glasgow, Scotland but the scenery–even when foggy (I ❤ fog) is beautiful!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the photos , beautiful land I see. I live in the mountains of TN , love looking at peoples real photos from different places…having a nice day is always wonderful 🙂

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