Unnatural Tchotchkes & a Bookmark Question

Okay, so the Unnatural tchotchkes aren’t going to be quite as in abundance as tchotchkes for past books have been, for the simple reason that I’ve attempted to create these ones myself and I’m slightly naff at it.

However, I’ve given it my best shot, and I’ve posted them below, but I need an opinion on the bookmarks.

You see, I created both a plain back of bookmark AND a patterned back of bookmark, and I can’t quite decide which version I want to get printed. So I figured I’d ask my readers which version THEY prefer–which is where YOU come in.

Other tchotckes:


Unnatural desktop background

Unnatural Poster-1

Unnatural poster


And here is the bookmark:



And below is what I need your help with.

Do I go with …

perf5.250x8.000.indd OR perf5.250x8.000.indd

Plain ……………………………………………………. Printed


So, any preference?

Just holler in the comments and I’ll count the votes.

The Unnatural Tchotchkes, plus more, are all available over at my website, including both bookmark versions.

(p.s. have I ever mentioned how much y’all rock my socks?)


16 thoughts on “Unnatural Tchotchkes & a Bookmark Question

  1. Printed one , the bottom half of the front color matches the color of the back towards the top , goes good together . I assume that may sould stupid but I am all about coordinating colors 🙂

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