I ♥ You Guys & ‘Meet the Cast’

If you recall, last week, I begged help for visual inspiration, and BOY, did I get what I asked for when I woke the next morning to find a ream of Tweets containing picture links, and a whole block of links in the blog comments. Well, after heading through each and all of the provided links, I now have my full cast of characters with whom to work in my next WIP.

So, I thank ye! From the bottom of my heart. You took a task I was dreading, helped me cover it in a FRACTION of the time, and made it FUN!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So, I guess you’re now wondering exactly who the cast are. Well, I’ve named them, so I figured I’d share. Though, you *might* notice an addition since my shout for help last week–because I spotted a pic online and kind of fell in love, so I added him in and gave him his own role (’cause, you know, I can).

Anyway, here are my two ‘Groups’ for GRASP.


Adam19. Main male MC. Plenty of attitude I’m hoping someone has the balls to knock out of him a little.

Libby. 15 Adam’s little sister with less of the attitude despite the role model.

Ellie. 18. Very easy with the boys.

Matt. 19. Knows he’s tough so doesn’t need to strut it, because the dude looks mean without even having to try.

Tyler. 22. Oldest in Group 1. Lifeguard at the local sports centre.

Sara. 18. Best friend and sidekick of Ellie.

Rachel (aka Wayche). 15. Bestie of Libby.

Luke Baby-Face Jackson (aka Jackson). 17. Cheeky, ladies-man, wants to be more like Matt.

p.s. Luke ^ is my addition.


Callie. 17. Main female MC. An air of innocence, which she retains even when affected by circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

Brad. 21. Callie’s cousin.

Chase. 23. Brother to Brad; cousin to Callie.


So, that’s my gang(s). Which means I can now write with clearer pictures in my head. And (as I said above) it’s all thanks to you guys who whizzed around the sent me such good stuff. ♥♥♥♥♥


14 thoughts on “I ♥ You Guys & ‘Meet the Cast’

  1. Well, I tried clicking on both things for Rachel but I wasn’t able to see her but they all look like a great cast but I really like Matt, he looks * sigh*, fanning face, extremely hot.

    1. I forgot to tell you I received, my daughter was dying to open it. She’s 16, she said mom it was wrapped so darn good, I barely got it open. LOL. Thank you, I loved it all. I have your book locked up . I can’t have anyone taking off with my signed books. I will still have to get the oyher two books before reading Caged but that book won’t be getting read. I will have to get another one so the other one won’t get damaged. Thanks again Julie.

  2. Wow , all those name seem to fall right together in such a good way ! very natural for the scene description you wanted . Great choice 🙂 Also Great Fans for helping ! You know A Phenominal writer will have a Great Fans & that you are For Sure !

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