I NEEEED Help!!! So … Who’s Willing?

Okay, I’ll be straight from the off. I’m here again. Arms open wide. Begging for help. And you guys are the best folk to call on for it.

Now, before you all worry, I’m not after donations of money. I pretty much laugh in the face of money (until I realise my bank balance is zero—it happens—and then it doesn’t seem so funny anymore). I’m not even after your firstborn child.

Nope, I’m after a little research help.

It’s no secret. I SUCK at research. Thankfully for me, if I need some facts checking, or the name of something in particular looking up, I either call on one of my awesome writer buddies who are better at research than me, or shout out the query I need the answer to on Twitter and a bunch of answers come through my @ feed. However, that isn’t quite the right kind of research I need in this instance. Because I need research for inspirationof the visual kind.

You see, I spent a lot of August and most of September working through an editing gig I took on, and I’ve spent the past week clearing my plate as much as I possibly can, just so I can label the rest of October and as much of November as possible: Me Time For Writing.

Well, the title I hope to be writing is the one in my WIP’s called GRASP. It’s a YA, though I think its content might demand it be labelled NA, and … whilst I have a fair idea of how many characters should be where (there are two groups), I can’t seem to form a complete and clear image for each of the peeps I’m hoping to portray.

So, what do I need from you guys?

Inspiration … in the form of images. I’ll give a rough list of exactly what I need, with as much info as I have, and I’m hoping with a few links to a few decent pics, I’ll be well on my way to forming this story beyond my most prominent MC.

So, wanna help?

Cool, here’s what I need:



The characters in Group 1 live in a slightly rundown, and pretty gritty area, where it’s not unusual for underage sex, or for cussing to be a dominant part of every-minute vocabulary—the kind of area where finding overturn supermarket shopping trolleys dumped in the local river is the norm.

1. Adam

Adam, age 19, is the most prominent MC in this book. He’s beefy, he’s tall, he’s gruff and grumpy, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t really want to P him off.

2. Unnamed

This is Adam’s little sister. I say little, but she’s actually 15, and looks up to her big brother, and hasn’t adopted the curled lip or mastered the ignorant dismissal that her brother seems so fond of applying. She might be related to someone who appears to be down and with it, but she’s less affected by circumstance and the area in which they grew up.

3. Ellie

Initially fancied by Adam (I say initially, but … okay, that’s all I’m saying), 17 year old Ellie is an ‘easy’ girl. She’s not shy around boys, and she’s not shy about acting on how she feels.

4 Unnamed

Male, age 18, with an attitude not quite a rough as Adam’s.

5. Unnamed

Male, age 22. Due to his age and standing within their initial situation, he likes to consider himself the ‘leader’ of the group. (I’m still figuring the rest of him out)

6. Unnamed

Female, age 17—good friend of Ellie’s but with better control of her emotions and hormones.

7. Unnamed

Female, age 16, friends with Adam’s little sister.


The characters in Group 2 grew up in a smaller town than Group 1, with less local crime, amongst a strong and close community, and with a healthier lifestyle being the norm.

8. Unnamed

This 17 year old lady is another front-liner of GRASP, alongside Adam. I’m still figuring out the perfect name for her, but my mind keeps seeing her as not being very tall and only slightly built, with a visual of her running real fast through a shopping centre with chestnutty red hair streaming behind her.

9. Unnamed

Male, in his early twenties (probably around 21), as slender and physically capable as the young female above.

10. Unnamed

Male, early twenties also, but closer to 23, and very similar to character #9, as they are brothers, and the brothers are also related to the female listed under #8.


Now, I understand there probably doesn’t seem like much to go on, which is the beauty of imagination. But to help said imagination, a hunt must go on for those visual prompts, for which I am enlisting any willing help.

So, how can you help? Well, if any of those (ridiculously small) descriptions above prompt something within you, or remind you of something/someone you’ve already seen, I would LOVE to SEE those images. Folk who use Pinterest will likely have a HUGE advantage over others, but they don’t have to be Pinterest images you share. Just so long as only the LINK to the ORIGINAL image is shared, as I don’t want any copyright breaches to occur.

You don’t have to email the image links to me (because doing so would be a pain). However, you’re welcome to Tweet them and include @JABelfield #GRASPinspiration, OR you can just leave the links in the comments below.

AND, because I don’t think you should help a gal out for absolutely zilch, for each and every person who provides me with a link to a pic, whether I use the image linked to for inspiration or not, will ensure their name is included in the acknowledgements of the book when I get it published.

So, you wanna play? I hope so.

THANK YOU in advance.


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      1. Wow, I’m grateful to you. I know you son isn’t around now to help. I appreciate you taking the time to mail it. I’m happy to get to look at the book and then it will get locked up with all my other signed books. I can’t read it yet anyway. I probably will buy another copy whenever I get some money. I will need to buy the other books first but I’m happy to have won. Thanks so much Julie.

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