Winning Names of the Character Naming Contest

So, let me just start by saying how much you all ROCK MY FREAKIN’ SOCKS!

I have had an AWESOME time running the character naming contest for the next Holloway Pack WIP: Cornered.

And that is pretty much because of YOU GUYS!

Thank you so much to those who Tweeted, FB’d, or Blogged and spread the word.

I had more entries than I expected to, which marks this as a BIG success, in my books.

I also had some real awesome names land in my spreadsheet.

From traditional to hippified to the even more unusual and unique (with only one duplicate, too, which was surprising).

And to choose between them all myself would have been impossible, so I am mightily glad I chose to use a random generator for this.

So, anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is:


Okay, that’s enough of my waffles, coz, you know, this ain’t the Oscars, and all that.

So, here are the winning forename and surname for the next Holloway Pack female counterpart:


Entry #10


Entrant name: Katherine


Entry #31


Entrant name: Lolita

Yep, one of the Larsen brothers (oooh, there’s a hint) will be well and truly introduced to OLIVIA FANELLA just as soon as the writing for CORNERED is under way.

Thank you so much to both Lolita and Katherine. Both of you will also be mentioned in the book’s acknowledgements.

And a massive THANKS to every one who entered. You all have inspired me to want to do this again for future books, I had so much fun.



10 thoughts on “Winning Names of the Character Naming Contest

  1. OMG, that’s so awesome that the surname I came up with won! Thanks so much for this awesome contest! And I think the name and surname fit together really well!

  2. I’m super excited Olivia was picked! As Lola had pointed out both names work good with each other. 🙂

  3. I am glad the name was Oliivia , that is what I entered also 😦 The name stands for Fruitfulness , Beauty & Dignity ……good choice on last name too

  4. Oh no apologies , I thank you for being such Creative writer , and I get to read & Love your books !! plus the name is Great , my grand daughter is due in 1+ wks & that is what her name will be * Olivia Grace * , my son let me name her 🙂 cant wait wait for your next book ! anxiety attacks waiting 🙂

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