Name a character in the next Holloway Pack story Contest!

birthday contest

In honour of my birthday (which is TODAY!!!!!), I’ve decided to run a Name a Character Contest for the next Holloway Pack story. I mean, what better way to celebrate than to invite my readers along to a fun bash that’s a win-win? 😀

For those of you who don’t know, my next Holloway Pack WIP will be Cornered: Holloway Pack #5—YARGH!

Unfortunately, I won’t be divulging the main character (MC). However, I CAN tell you which character the winner will be naming. AND, I will also share a tiny sneaky preview at an encounter that occurs between the MC and said character-in-need-of-a-name, to help you along in your choices.

Details of the contest are below.



My main character (MC) Holloway Pack male for my current WIP has a young lady he grows rather fond of in what will eventually become the latest addition to the series. But I can’t, for the life of me, conjure the right name for her. So, I figured, why not get someone else to help me choose. And ‘Ask Your Readers’ instantly sprang to mind as the answer.

So, are you up for the task of naming the counterpart female for the next Holloway Pack male to hit the spotlight?



There will be TWO winners.

The FIRST drawn will be chosen for the character’s FORENAME (first name).

The SECOND drawn will be chosen for the character’s SURNAME (last name).

There will be the option on the entry form to enter both fore- and –surname.

Both of the contributors will also be named in the acknowledgements of the finished book.


The name you enter DOES NOT have to be your own name. It can be one you have fabricated.

If your entered name closely resembles (or matches exactly) a name already used by one of my characters, you will still win if selected, but you WILL be asked to help choose an alternative.


Just choose the names. Yes, I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you shared the giveaway, either through Twitter, Facebook or even on your blog. But it’s NOT compulsory in order to enter.


First, hop across to HERE: Sneaky Peek: HP#5, where you can view a sneaky peak at what the female looks like.

Then come back here and fill in the form below.

And make you sure do so before MIDNIGHT of Tuesday September 24th 2013.


Have fun & Good Luck!


NO PURCHASE is necessary to enter this contest

This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY to anyone over the age of 17

Prizes are as stated: to name the forename or surname (dependent on 1st/2nd place drawing) of the female counterpart for the next Holloway Pack WIP + a shout out in the published book’s acknowledgements for their participation

No cash alternative will be offered

Giveaway begins on September 10th 2013 and closes at midnight on September 24th 2013

Entry is FREE

Winner will be chosen using to make it fair

Winner may be asked for an alternative entry, if the offered name in their entry is a replica of or resembles a name already used for a character in the series

Winners will be contacted via email

No addresses, emails, or other contact information will be shared with third parties—all information will be treated with the strictest confidence

If there are any technical issues, they will handled post haste. Eg, duplicate entries will be deleted; if the blog via which you have entered goes ‘down’ you entry will still stand and be entered



26 thoughts on “Name a character in the next Holloway Pack story Contest!

  1. Hey, I did enter a first and last name for the contest. I just thought of the last name. The first name was what I attended on naming my daughter, she16 now aand there’s no more children for me. I’m fixed. I just wanted to let you know where the name came from. I don’t know anyone with either names.
    Angela Fitzgerald

  2. I’m not sure my message went through but I’m for sure it didn’t. I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a great day, and of course many more B-Days.
    Angela Fitzgerald

  3. Happy Birthday, kiddo. Hope your day is full of magic and happiness!! I’m spreading the word here. Can’t wait to see what comes of it. 🙂

  4. I already put a first and last name in but I have some more that I thought of an my daughter also helped with the names. Do I just go back to the site and put them in as I did before?? It was early when I saw the blog come through. I think it was around 4am or 4:30am, I couldn’t think, too early. LOL I did see where I could add more but my mind wasn’t working and no caffeine yet.
    I guess on once you read this let me know exactly what I need to do. Ohh, and I noticed you said this was for the fifth book in the series. Have you already written book 5? I haven’t read any of your books but I know I need to purchase books 1&2 before you mail Caged, the third book to me. Anyway when you get a chance maybe you can send me an email and let me know the answers to my questions. You should have my email address, I was a winner to a giveaway. I hope you had a wonderful birthday today.
    Angela Fitzgerald

    1. If you wanted to add more than one name, all you had to do was refresh the page for a new form to appear, Angela. So, you should be good to go if you have another name you want to enter. ☺

  5. Seeing as how Alexander Nader is the greatest name of all time, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be Alexandra Nader. I mean I’m pretty sure if you look it up it translates to “Holy crap this person is awesome. Be friends with them”.(<—-I'm pretty sure it's Greek, that translation. Possibly Tagalog). I didn't, however, enter because I figured it would be unfair. Surely once you saw the glaring awesomeness of the name you would be forced to use it. <—–Man, if I were actually that cocky I would hate myself. Happy birthday and good luck with the contest, JAB

    1. If you were actually that cocky you would fall into the category of A$$, LOL.

      And you should’ve just entered. I’d have been up for her shortening it to Alex for her friends. 😉

  6. First Happy Birthday to You & Well Wishes ! The name I chose in the contest is a very old name & I think very pretty , it also means of Fruitfulness , Beauty , and Dignity . I think one of those Holloway men would find it exquisite , like they find her 🙂 good for the chase >winks<

  7. I meant to add , I am halfway through caged . I love it ! I knew when he descibed Brook when watching her , something would come out of this , Too Hot !! You have such a Creative Mind :<)

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