Caged Tour Week 3 Wrap-Up


I’m so awed by the amount of folk that have entered my giveaway, so to all of you who have, and all who’ve helped spread the word:


Also, to all the hosts and commenters:

♥Thanks heaps♥

You’ve rocked my socks this week.


And for anyone who missed any of the tour posts this week, here’s a quick recap and the links for you all to go check ’em out.

Jen kicked off on Monday over on At Random, with a great review of Caged and a Caged bookmark giveaway–there’s still time to go comment if you fancy winning one–as well as Marni over at Words to Dreams, were she interviewed me and hosted a Caged giveaway. 

There’s another chance to win this week over at The Machenwood Chronicles–Rebecca Hart’s blog; and I was interview for a second time over at Laney McMann’s place, both on Tuesday.

Another giveaway took place Wednesday over at Julie Reece’s blog.

The interview on Thursday over with Katherine Skye was AAAAAAALLLLLLL about Ethan. She’s also been running a giveaway this week for a Caged bookmarkan ecopy of Blue MoonCaged. Here’s the link to that, if you fancied entering: Giveaway.

And yesterday, Aime Laine wrapped up with a final giveaway post for the week.

So, the 3rd week of the Caged Tour has been another round of goodness.

A MASSIVE thank you to the hosting blogs for ensuring the third week passed without a hitch.

Next Saturday won’t be wrapping up the end of week 4. 1: because I’ll be away;and 2: because it won’t be the end of the tour.

Instead, look out for the final stops wrap-up post on September 6th.

See you all then.



4 thoughts on “Caged Tour Week 3 Wrap-Up

  1. I never like to leave personal information on sites. I have the worst luck because it always get seen by everyone.
    I was informed that I won first prize in your giveaway. I used Keri Lake’s website to enter. I am excited that I won. I’m not for sure because I’ve never read any of your books before but I thought I read that Caged is the third book. If so I will have to get the other two books. I can’t read books out of order. I know alot of my friends and others that don’t mind but I want to know the story from the beginning.
    I think it’s awesome that I won. I also entered in your other two book giveaway. I know I won’t be so lucky to win twice but it doesn’t hurt to try. I’m going to leave my name and email address and that will be the same place where you can send the gift card. I will just send you everything you need. I don’t know if the shirts are one size or not. I didn’t see anything about giving you a size. If you need one I will leave it just incase.Thank you so much for the giveaway and I’m so excited that I actually won.
    Angela Fitzgerald

    [details removed for privacy purposes]

    1. Thank you so much for responding, Angie. An email would have been okay, but I’m just happy you found a way to contact me.
      I’ve removed your email/address/etc from the comment so they’re not on display for everyone to see, but I do have them documented ready for sending out your prize(s).

      Again: Congratulations! 😀

      1. I’m happy I found a way to reach you. I knew you needed my email address but I figured I would give it all to you. I hope it was ok. I do have a ? or so. Is Caged the third book in the series? I will need to know what other books I will need to get to catch me up to Caged. I was going to also ask you if you sign the book, if possible don’t put my name in it. I will pass it on to my daughter. I love my books as do so many others. I just don’t want to ruin it
        by having my name on it. If you have signed a book and put my name in it, send it became I will still be happy. I know every author is different. Some people think I’m crazy for not wanting an author to address the book to me. I think a signature from the author is plenty. I saw that site on where I can get your books at. Do you think Amazon will have the books I will need in hardcover or have it in paperback? I can’t wait to start reading your books but the downside is I will have to buy the books that were issued first. If you have written any novellas or shorts to the series will you let me know. I know on those I would have to get the ebook format. I’m thrilled I was a first place winner. I will wait until Monday but I’m going to send my thanks to Keri Lake for having you on her site. I like Keri and she’s an awesome person. Thank you.
        When you get a chance and the time,will you send me an email of all the books I need to get me caught up to Caged? Thanks again.

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