Caged Tour Week 2 Wrap-Up


Man, two weeks into the tour. Another week of awesome bloggers and guest posts and whatnot.

Another week of entries into the tour-long giveaway.


To anyone who has hosted. To anyone who has dropped by my posts for the tour. To anyone who has taken the time to enter the giveaway.

You’ve rocked my socks this week.


And for anyone who missed any of the tour posts this week, here’s a quick recap and the links for you all to go check ’em out.

Monday began over at The Cover Contessa, where I guest posted my ‘other’ reason for why I write wolves. 

I guest posted over at Terri Rochenski’s blog on Tuesday about my Top 10 Book Boyfriends. Man, it’s harder than it looks. 😉

Laurie of Laurie’s Thought and Reviews invited Ethan over for an interview on Wednesday, where he revealed details such as his favourite author and reading material. 😉

I did a duet of stops on Thursday. Cremona over at Mythical Books wrote a freakin’ awesome review of Caged for her tour stop; and I guest posted over at L.S. Murphy’s Blog about switching POV in a series.

And finally, yesterday’s stop over at Bibliophilia, Please wrapped up this week, where I guest posted on How my Favourite Character Formed.

So, Week 2 of the Caged Tour has been fun, too. A MASSIVE thank you to the hosting blogs for ensuring the second week flew by with as much ease as the first.

Keep an eye out on Monday, when week 3 will hit the ground running with a giveaway and review, as well as a second giveaway and interview. Look forward to seeing you there.