#FreeviewFriday CAGED #FVF

Howdy all, and welcome back to my Freeview Friday. Before we head into this week’s clip, let me remind of the Caged eARC giveaway that’s happening right now. If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time to do so HERE!

And here’s your CAGED snippet:


I twisted to peer at my assigned muscle who still hadn’t removed his attention from me. “You’ve taken a real shine to me, haven’t you?”

Nondescript-brown stayed mute but continued to smile.

“Sorry, pal.” My shoulders and palms lifted. “You’re just not my type.”



I hope you enjoyed this weeks view. See you next week for another round of #FVF

As I have said before, any and all are welcome to join me in this weekly shenanigan. HOWEVER, if you do so, I URGE you to keep the shared snippets short and sweet. Mine will be a maximum of TEN (10) sentences. To help identification of these posts, I shall be hashtagging them (for Twitter purposes) as #FVF. Feel free to knick said hashtag for your own Freeview Friday posts.