BOOK NEWS: Holloway Pack 4 is a go!


Yep, in case you didn’t quite get the message, Holloway Pack 4 HAS. BEEN. CONTRACTED! With a projected release date of April 2014!


Anyone who follows me will already know this book took me a looooooooooooooooooooooong time to write, but it is FINALLY coming to close.


So, whose book is this one going to be, you ask?

Yeah, that’s the kicker.

Because, after much discussion with my editor, it’s been decided to hold off on that titbit of information until the blurb goes live alongside the cover reveal. The reason for this is that CAGED isn’t out until August, and I ALWAYS worry about spoilers because, well, I HATE them in books I read myself. So, to conquer that, these details will be held back on.


You DO get to know the book’s title!

Ready for it?

Holloway Pack 4 will be called:


And on that note, I’ll leave you guessing over what it might be about whilst I go back to dancing my truffle shuffle ‘round the house. Thanks for stopping by to read.


You can add Unnatural to your TBR HERE!

And you can read the official press-release HERE!


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