Liebster Blog Award. Have you been nominated?

So … I got nominated for a Liebster Blog Award. The nominator (which makes her sound kinda tough) is a very lovely lady named Sheryl Winters—you should go check her out and say hi. Anyhoo, as it’s been a while since I’ve had a nomination come my way, I figured I’d play along.

Here’s how it goes:

* Each nominee must answer the 11 questions.
* Create 11 questions for the next nominees to answer.
* Link back to who nominated them.
* Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
* Go to their page and tell them.
* No tag backs!

Got it?


So, here are my Q’s:

01. What makes your day brighter?

Mr B. The Mini-Me’s are kinda rocking, too. But there’s just something about Mr B stepping into the house after he’s been at work all day that makes it feel warmer.

02. Your goal for 2013?

Goals. Schmoals.

Okay, I’ll be sensible. My 2013 goals are: A) not have everybody hate me for Ethan’s novel when that releases. It was tough to write. It was tough on him. Folk seem to have high expectations for his story and I hope it lives up to them. B) finish writing Holloway Pack 4. It’s nearly done. I’m so close to the finish line. But my muse is dragging his feet and in need of a swift kick up the butt. C) Have a go at my first ever YA. I have the ideas and openings jotted down for around 7 at the moment, but one of them is speaking louder than the others, so I hope to have time to adventure into that. D) if I manage to get that done, then I also have the beginnings of a plot (I know, plotting! From moi!) for a paranormal erotic romance that I might explore a little deeper. E) get fitter and healthier than I currently am. I’m sick of feeling bleh. I want to feel ROAWR!

03. What do you like to write about?




And aside from that, anything that happens to be swirling in my head, at any given time.

04. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Outside of writing: constant negativity. In writing: POV breaches and present tense words in past tense writing.

05. Do you have any hobbies? (other than blogging)

You ever heard of reading? Yeah, that. 😛

I book blog for a hobby, too (see button in yonder sidebar =>>). Bake. Walk (though not enough lately). Watch a film now and then with Mr B. Girlie nights with a good film with the Mini-Me. Winding up The Boy about puberty and girls. 😉

06. Beer or Wine?

I rarely drink. Mostly it’s because I don’t really like the taste. But some may argue that drinking is dangerous for me because I already act slightly intoxicated, anyway, when sober.

07. Favorite breakfast?


If I’m feeling adventurous: sliced bananas on toast.

08. Dog or Cat?

Ach. I have both. My pooch kinda rocks my socks, though—even if she is the naughtiest creature alive.

09. Muffins or Cupcakes?

Ach. How am I supposed to choose? Though, it does depend on the muffin. And it does depend on the cupcake. If cappuccino, I’d say cupcake. 😉

10. Autumn or Spring?

Ach. I like both. Spring because it brings colour and flora to the landscape and atmosphere after winter steals them away. And autumn because of its rustic beauty and welcoming fragrance, which just makes me want to suck those breaths in long and deep. No, it’s a tie.

11. PC or Apple?

Dude! Only folk richer than me own Apple Mac’s. O_o


And that’s it. My 11 Q’s answered.

Now, for my 11 Q’s to you.

1. What is your favourite genre to read?

2. You’ve just won a competition and the prize is any pair of shoes in the world of your choice. Describe them.

3. Which fictional character would you most like to meet and why?

4. The zombie apocalypse is upon us. Undead beings are beating at your door, slobbering over your freshly-cleaned patio windows, and you’re barricaded into your living room. Sticking to truth, what’s the most useful item you have to help you swing your way out of this somewhat precarious situation?

5. I’ll never understand why mashed potato is considered a signature dish for a certain chicken restaurant in the US, so if you couldn’t have both, but had to choose, which way would you swing? Chicken or mash?

6. What is your most favourite accent in the world *cough* British *cough*?

7. If you could visit any fictional land (created world/situation/etc) from any book of your choosing, which world/situation would choose to play witness to and why?

8. Slippers or socks? No, they’re NOT the same!

9. Favourite James Bond actor? Why, what’s so special about him, then?

10. Best (in your opinion) special effects for a werewolf film to date? (to the US folk out there, film = movie. :P)

11. And last but not least: Head into your mobile (mobile = cell phone *snicker*) scroll through your ‘favourites’ list of numbers, find the number that you dial the most … Who is it? Can I have their number? ‘Cause they must be pretty cool if you ring them all the while, right?

What d’you mean I can’t have it?

Hmmm, okay then, how about: What topic are you’re planning to write (or blog) about next?


Okay, are you ready? Because it’s time for the list of 11 nominees. Here goes:

Danielle Shipley

Keri Lake

Alex Nader

Katherine Skye

Karen Y. Bynum

Brooke @ The Cover Contessa

Meghan @ Happy Tails and Tales

Vanessa Jane Chapman

Lola @ Lola’s Reviews

Danielle @ Known to Read

L.S. Murphy


It’s all yours. 🙂