Resonance Goodreads Giveaway

Hey, all.

This post is just a little heads up to let you good folk know that there is a Goodreads giveaway starting today, with a signed print copy of Resonance up for grabs.
If you fancy winning yourself a physical copy of the book, you can do so HERE!
Whilst it’s not in the GR giveaway rules that you have to add it to your to-read pile, I’d certainly appreciate the gesture. Who knows, if it ends up on enough shelves, maybe I’ll throw in a little bit of Holloway Pack swag, too.
 Good luck!
And if you simply can’t wait that long to find out what happens to Josh, don’t forget the Big Resonance Giveaway is still running until May 2nd.
All’s you gotta do to enter is either leave a review of Blue Moon somewhere (one previously written is perfectly accepted; it doesn’t have to be a new review), OR take a pic of you with your copy of Blue Moon to show you have it to read before heading into Resonance–because Resonance will be confusing, as well as smack you with a big fat Blue Moon spoiler if you haven’t read that one first.
EVERYONE who enters will receive an ecopy of Resonance. There will also be a grand draw at the end of the giveaway for all entries, to win a bag of (Holloway Pack) swag. More details HERE!.

Have a great week, and remember to visit here on May 1st for your first glimpse of what’s between the pages of Caged.


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