Resonance Blog Tour: Week 2


With today as the last day of the tour, I figured I’d head back in and recount all the days over the past week on all the blogs who were kind enough to have me–which means it will also be easy for folk to go check out any posts they missed, too.

Here they are:

Wednesday started off over at JeanzBookReadNReview, where Sandra pretty much dedicated an whole stream of posts to Resonance. From a promotional spotlight, to a Random One-Liner post, ending with Sandra’s (awesome) review of the book.

Thanks so much, Sandra.

Thursday, Ambur let me lose over at Burning Impossibly Bright, where I gave a somewhat intellectual and profoundly deep insight ( O_o ) into what I believe makes a well-structured pack.

You can check that out HERE! You can also read Ambur’s posted review of Resonance HERE!

Thanks, Ambur.

And I could also be found over at The Cover Contessa, being interviewed by Brooke , which you can check out HERE!

Cheers, Brooke.

Friday brought you an exclusive interview between author Aimee Laine and Jem’s sister, Jess. You can find out what unusual question Aimee asked, and Jess’s answers over at J.C. Martin’s Blog.

Thanks, J.C. (and Aimee).

Karla let me loose over on Book Addict on Saturday, where she shared an excerpt of Resonance. You can check that out HERE!

Thanks, Karla.

Another excerpt was shared on Sunday, by Jen over at At Random, which you can read HERE! Jen also posted an awesomesauce entry to win her copy of Resonance in the Big Resonance Giveaway, with pics of her copy of Blue Moon … well, mooning around in her office at work, LOL. It’s defo worth checking out. You can do so HERE!

Thanks, Jen.

Yesterday found me at Keri Lake’s Blog, where I FINALLY *show* the world (WITH PICTURES) how I see Sean Holloway. Defo worth checking out … HERE!

Thanks, Keri.

Pragya also wrote a great review for Resonance over at Reviewing Shelf. You can read that (and how she’s slightly miffed at me) HERE!

Cheers, Pragya.

And, as for today, I’m guest posting over at Long and Short Reviews on balancing writing with the real world. You can read that HERE!

Thanks, Judy.

PLUS, Brenda interviews our very own and adorable Josh Larsen, over at Crazy Four Books HERE!

Thanks, Brenda.


So, that’s it! The Resonance Tour has finally come to a close after a busy two weeks.

MASSIVE thanks goes out to all the bloggers involved, both from this week and last week. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Also, if anyone still wants to grab themselves a guaranteed copy of Resonance for their e-reader, the giveaway is still open until May 2nd. Find out more HERE!

Have a great week, guys.