Resonance Blog Tour: Week 1


Hey, guys.

With everyone’s lives being pretty busy, I figured I’d make it easy on your all by doing a weekly recap this week and next week, highlighting the tours stops that have happened during the week.

I’ve had some great stops going on to help promote Resonance this week, so these posts will also give me a chance to gives thanks to the bloggers who have made this tour possible.

So, this week’s round up:

Danielle opened the tour up for me on Tuesday, over at Known to Read, where she posted not only a great review for Resonance, but also part one of a three part short story titled: Hereditary.

In case you’re wondering, Hereditary has a LOT to do with Resonance. It’s also pretty relevant to Caged.

You can check out her post HERE!

Thanks, Danielle.

Also on Tuesday, Froggarita hosted a promotion spotlight, where readers had the chance to read a Resonance excerpt,

You can check out her post HERE!

Thanks, Froggarita.

Wednesdayfound us over at Tana Rae Reads, where the lovely lady posted a great review for Resonance.

You can check that out HERE!

Thanks, Tana Rae.

And Julie Reece posted an excerpt, which you can check out HERE!

Cheers, Julie.

On Thursday, I guest posted over at Aimee Laine’s blog: “Chocolate and Werewolves Should Never Be Mixed … Said No One Ever”.

If you’re intrigued as to what that post could be all about, you can find out HERE!

Thanks, ma’am.

And Laurie posted a GREAT review over at Reader Girls. You can view that HERE!

Thanks, Laurie.

Aaaaaaand, also on Thursday, Maghon invited Ethan over to Happy Tails and Tales for an interview,.

This one was loads of fun to do. She also posted a GREAT review.

You can check them both out HERE!

Thanks, Maghon.

Friday brought you Part II of Hereditary over at Laney McMann’s Blog. Yep, if you read and enjoyed Part II at Known to Read on Tuesday, HERE is where you’ll find the second installment.

Thanks, Laney.

Terri Rochenski let me loose on her blog on Saturday, where I posted about my Top 10 Tunes to Write to. You can check those out HERE!

Thanks, Terri.

A round of L.S. Murphy’s Rapid Fire Interview Questions hit her blog on Sunday morning. If you want to know how’d I’d react over being turned into a werewolf, you can find out HERE!

Thanks, Linda.

And for today ….

Yesterday found me at Katherine Skye’s Blog, where visitors could read an excerpt of Resonance, as well as check out her Random Resonance One-Liner for the day.

They could also find the THIRD AND FINAL installment of my short story Hereditary over at Kaidan’s Seduction.

Cheers, Tee.

And, as for today, head over to Lola’s Reviews, where you can read her review of Resonance and an interview with Me!

Thanks, Lola.


Don’t forget there’s another week of tour stops to go. Be great if you could follow along on those one, too.



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