Random Resonance One-Liners (Nope, this post is not an April Fool’s)

So, TOMORROW is the OFFICIAL release date for RESONANCE: Holloway Pack 2.5.

Excuse me a moment …


Okay, now I have that out of my system, allow me to get to the point of my post.

As well as release date, April 2nd also marks the start of the Resonance Blog Tour and the opening of The Big Resonance Giveaway. And during blog tours, I’m usually asked to write a few guest posts for bloggers to feature in their tour stop. Well, I’m going to admit, I have never been as stumped over what to write as I have been for the Resonance tour.


Well, because I’ve been going to great lengths to avoid dishing out spoilers for this book. And pretty much EVERYTHING in there is a spoiler for any who haven’t read Blue Moon.

Which meant that alternate pov scenes were out of the question. As were later-in-the-book excerpts. Even the character interviews required careful treading.

But (because I’m me) the mere idea of not being able to share SOMETHING was/has been/is driving me NUTS!

So, I came up with a solution.



Yep, Random Resonance One-Liners are exactly as they sound. I’ve painstakingly gone through the book and extracted a tonne of single lines. After all, they won’t be spoilerish without the surrounding content for context, right?

Or will they?


And you guys will be able to find said Random Resonance One-Liners throughout the month of April in a whole heap of places. In Blog Tour posts. On my Facebook Page. On Twitter. And maybe … even on here.

In fact … here’s your first one:


See? It hasn’t spoiled a thing. I think.

And, if you wanna see more … all’s you have to do is follow the tour. Click HERE for the dates & stops.

So … figured out what this one could mean for the pack yet?