Vlog Post: Keri Lake on Soul Avenged and the Sons of Wrath

Now, I make no secret of the fact that I’m a big fan of writer buddy Keri Lake’s latest novel Soul Avenged, so when she announced that she’d made a vlog, I natural asked permission to share it, too.
In case you have no idea what Soul Avenged, book one in the Sons of Wrath series, is, take a peek below.

Passion is blind in vengeance and love …

Ayden’s suburban home was invaded by a pack of Lycans.

The brutal attack is the only memory she carries of her former life.

Now, one motive burns in her soul:


The Sons of Wrath—a brood of vengeance-dealing warrior demons—band with Ayden to hunt the Lycans on Detroit’s most deadly feeding grounds.

Kane Walker should’ve been her easiest kill.

Unfortunately, the newly bitten Lycan has something she wants—clues that may finally lay her past to rest. To reach them, she must be willing to submit to the sensual pleasures awakened by his touch.

Time is running out.

In seven days, Kane will become what Ayden despises most. She can halt his transformation but the antidote requires the ultimate sacrifice. As the beast takes hold, Kane becomes more of a threat.

Ayden must choose between her lust for revenge, or surrender to her enemy and discover a horrible truth.

Sons of Wrath

Never gamble with vengeance

AND if I still have your interest … watch on.


See? Like I said, this one is defo worth checking out.
Off you go.
And whilst you’re there check Keri’s Website out, too, and watch out for an upcoming readers vote she’ll be running for the cover model of book two in the Sons of Wrath.



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