It’s #Caged Tchotchke Time! #HollowayPack

Yep, every time my publisher sends me some lovely jubbly tchotchkes (translate: pretty images from my books that can then be DL’d & printed, or posted on blogs, and whatnot), I then get to share them with you.

Aaaaaaaaaand as the last lot they sent me are Caged ones, I now get to show them off.

😀 😀 😀 😀

As usual, the full list of tchotchkes is available on my website. But here’s a sample of what you might find there if you head across.


Yeah, baby. Those beauties above would be the Caged bookmark (front & back).

Love? I do. 🙂


This one is a lot of fun (to me, anyway). Now I know exactly what to expect with I hold Ethan Caged in my hands. 😉


I always love my posters. Pity I’m on there, when there could be more room for Ethan, but hey, I don’t make these things. Ha!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, duhn-duhn-duuuuuuuuuhn! Want Ethan on your laptop? Prettying up that screen o’ yours? Yep, yep, the Caged screensaver is all yours for DL’ing.

And as already mentioned above, you can nab all of these (plus a few other bits) right … HERE!




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