#HollowayPack Update

If you follow my blog, you may well have noticed the lack of updates or obscenely loud screaming in relation to what is currently known as Holloway Pack 4.

Some of you might even question: is Holloway Pack 4 ever going to happen? Does it even exist? Will JaB ever pull her head out of its hole long enough to finish the darn project?

Well, the answer to all three of those questions is ‘Yes!’

I’m not going to head into ‘woe is me’ mode but last year was tough and resulted in very little writing getting done.

I vowed that 2013 would be better.

And so far, it has.

I might only have added about 14k, but that means Holloway Pack 4 is currently 14k longer than it was in December 2012. My head is attempting to stay focused as I gradually nudge myself back into writing (writing translated by Mr B = lala land). And I’m getting there.

Which means Holloway Pack 4 is currently sitting pretty at 62k and growing daily.

So, yes, Holloway Pack 4 does exist. It will happen. And my head is currently staying out of its hole and writing it.

Can I tell you any more than that? Well, no, not really. And it’s possibly killing me a lot more than it’s killing anyone else. Because I love sharing snippets of my work, teasers of my scenes, and this is one that I have to be careful with because the slightest of things could give it all away.

You see, when I signed for Caged, my editor didn’t want it going live for a while about who the MC was before the cover and blurb were released.


I’d already plastered it all over Facebook and Twitter exactly who I’d been working with for months.

So that idea got tossed out the window and I promised to be more discreet with future works.

And, whilst (as I mentioned) it’s killing me, I’ve so far stuck to that. And I think the reason I’ve stuck to that as well as I have is because for Holloway Pack 4, I totally agree with them.

The lead up to who the main playing characters are is so subtly hinted at in Caged, there’s a chance of spoilers if I go and spill their names–even the title of Holloway Pack 4 would be a big hint of what might be between the pages.

And if you know me, you know I hate spoilers.

So, bear with me for now. I promise to get this written. And I promise you’ll get the dirt–and it is dirt–as soon as I can.

Cheers for reading. Cheers for the support.


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