Now, I’ll be honest. I almost shied away from writing this post.


Well, because it’s kinda in relation to comments made about my stuff. Though, it’s also in relation to books in a series in general—and their covers.

You see, I hear complaints quite a few times about how my book covers don’t really ‘tie in’ to one another, thus making it difficult to distinguish as a series—as part of a greater whole.

I understand that. Really, I do. If I look at my covers, I can even see where they’re coming from.

However, if placed side-by-side, to me, my covers do tie in. The font matches. The positioning for the title and author name matches (with the exception of Resonance, but that’s simply to identify its status as a novella rather than novel). The only ones that are different are those that don’t need to be read within the ‘now’ timeline of the books, and don’t need to be read for readers to understand the stories.

So, Fated Encounter.

This is a FREE short story I wrote for FUN for my readers to enjoy—nothing more than a Sean POV scene. It’s not part of the series.

Then we have Instinct & Eternal.

Prequels. Neither necessary to be read in order to enjoy/understand the series. I wrote both of these because I wanted to explore Jem & Sean’s history a little deeper, and then decided my readers might enjoy that opportunity, too. So they were contracted, and published. Though their fonts, etc, may not tie in with the main timeline of the series, they do match each other.

But what about the images, you ask? Well, I’m going to get to those in a moment. Because the reason for the cover arts for Instinct and Eternal looking unrelated is exactly the same reason for why the decision was made to do the covers for the main books that way.

But before I delve into that, let’s take a quick look at those covers.

Note the font identification I mentioned? And then note the difference in the images used?

So here’s the deal. The coverart used for one title to the next in the Holloway Pack series don’t match up because the stories are all different. It’s as simple as that. We had a choice. Use character images and keep them consistent on every cover, so my covers would have a common theme at the same time as all appearing similar. OR create each cover to reflect what the reader will find within the pages. We decided to take the latter route.

Why? Well, because whilst going the first route might work for series like Chicagoland Vampires or Night Huntress—where the MC is the same in every book (great books, btw)—it won’t work for mine for exactly that reason. After Blue Moon and Resonance the MC is making a shift, and each chasing title will most likely have a different MC until the end of the series. Also the common theme thing I mentioned? Yeah, that’s another issue for my books. Because what happens in Blue Moon is nothing like what happens in Darkness & Light. And trust me when I say, what happens in Caged ain’t ANYTHING like what happens in the two preceding titles. Even in Holloway Pack 4, the book I’m currently writing, the readers will see a switch of MC, switch of pace, and certainly a switch of conflict to be dealt with.

So, for all those wondering, this is why my covers look, and always will look, somewhat different to each other. See?


12 thoughts on “SERIES BOOK COVERS

  1. I never noticed they didn’t ‘match’, but you’re right – they shouldn’t all have the same theme. Each book is completely different, and with switching MC PoVs, you SHOULD have something completely different IMO.

    Well done, says I!

  2. I think all your covers are beautiful, and personally I don’t like book covers to be too similar, even if they are part of a series, because sometimes I don’t remember titles so I don’t want to look at a cover and not be sure whether it’s one I’ve read before or not.

    1. Yes, this! Exactly this! I almost always have to head over to Goodreads, where I can trust I’ll find a list of which title in a series I need to read next because I can never differentiate. Thanks for bringing that up. 🙂

      And thank you so much. 🙂

  3. I agree with Terri. When switching POV’s the covers should be different. All the covers are great. But I like to see a different cover pertaining to that story. 🙂

  4. I love when books covers aren’t ‘the same’ because then they stand out one from another. I tend to read ‘all’ from one author I love, so if they are all ‘the same’, I often can’t remember which one I’ve read and titles alone don’t help. I’m a very visual person. Show me a face/object/color and I can associate with that book and know which is which and in what order they go.

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